Growth Marketing

Optimise Your Marketing Funnels

BIAS is a London based inbound marketing agency that achieves success through an inbound marketing strategy. Helping businesses increase turnover, profit, and revenue. Whether it’s selling more to your existing customer base, growing your market share or launching a new product. Our range of services will help you grow your business in the most efficient and data driven way.

Sales Conversions

Increase Sales and Conversions

Our six-step inbound marketing and growth hacking strategy for B2B and B2C companies is well documented for proven success. Focusing on complete funnel solutions, from attracting prospects to closing them and beyond. Our framework takes companies with no or little-focused strategy and provides a turnkey solution that brings leads and qualifies them accelerating sales.

Performance Optimisation

Business Development Strategies

For companies already using growth marketing strategy and tactics but seeing lower than expected conversion results. BIAS have acceleration plans designed to optimise current performance then build in added value for continued success. The advantages of working with an award-winning agency are beneficial for all involved. Winners Best Inbound Agency London 2017.

Let us tell you how we can help

Customer Centric Marketing

Buyer Personas & Customer Psychology

The most successful businesses understand that profiling your customers and understanding their buying triggers gives you the best competitive advantage. Businesses no longer operate in a world where the study of your customers’ habits can be reversed engineered or second-guessed.


A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer. Personas are based on market research and what your sales teams know about current and previous clients.


Developing buyer personas will help improve your customer experience and improve product development. You can also target audiences with marketing messages that resonate with them or other prospective or existing customers.


In order to convert your customer base, you must map the customer journey to the products or services on offer. This defines how your marketing personas buying decisions and user experience should be nurtured and developed.


Personas are useful for all types of customers in both b2b marketing and b2c marketing. They help with understanding which social media channels you should use to communicate with your audience. Which formats of content they expect to consume as well as how they expect to consume it.


Why not learn more with BIAS, we focus on humanising the digital communications for businesses and brands.

Lead Nurturing & Marketing Automation

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the choice of successful business across the globe. Architects to Technology companies are using the process of attracting, converting, closing and delighting their ideal customer. Inbound marketing educates your website visitors through the distribution of content. Using your company website blog, to distribute content into the channels your customers operate in.


Using buyer personas to underpin your digital marketing activities, your business accelerates the sales cycle. You achieve this by distributing content that answers your customer’s pain points. Couple that with a marketing strategy that includes SEO, email, social media and keywords and you have a long term recipe for success.


BIAS is a triple award-winning inbound marketing agency based in London. For more information on how inbound can work for your business ask a BIAS consultant today.

Conversational Sales Acceleration

Conversational Sales & Marketing Strategy

High sales activity is a key performance indicator of the digital marketing strategy your company adopts. Your internal KPI’s will judge your marketing teams on how many leads they feed your sales teams. Whilst BIAS specifically back inbound marketing, it is a “lead nurturing” process that leads to good conversations. What we want to do is show you how to convert earlier in the nurturing process. With some businesses achieving up to 400% increases in website conversions.


To do this, we have been using conversational marketing and sales and introducing chatbots into the conversion process. No longer do we want to follow the old model on longer lead nurturing and then a sales conversation. We are flipping that model on its head and qualifying prospects up front. Then nurturing them if they aren’t immediately converting.


Sales are about communication and personalisation, it is not about a lead nurturing email strategy. We help you bring the conversation back to your sales teams and open up more communication with your prospects and leads.

Growth Driven Design in Websites

Growth through Web Design

BIAS have been building websites for our clients for over 9 years. From complex websites in the real estate industry with 3rd party integrations, to e-commerce in B2B and B2C environments.


But how aware of you of how far the industry has moved on? Do you still believe in build it and go? Is your business as interested in developing and iterating in a data driven process?


Your company website must be functional, deliver a great user experience and  monitored constantly to adapt to the user behaviour of your website traffic. Your brand guidelines, the quality of the on-page copy, the placement of your calls to action and tools that actively tell you how and where your website is being used. The development of your company website must be as data driven as your continual optimisation of your inbound marketing campaign.


For a complete conversation on a suitable website strategy for your business speak to BIAS today.

Advance your Sales Management

Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Client relationship management is integral to the successful development of sales and marketing strategy. Simply generating website traffic and capturing leads into emailing lists won’t do.


Sales focused businesses want access to CRM tools like salesforce where they can constantly monitor the movements and sales flows between themselves and their clients. More importantly, dealflow needs to be monitored so that companies can forecast income which ultimately affects cash flow and growth.


Marketing automation and the drift conversational marketing platform are designed to amplify the use of CRM platforms by seamlessly integrating to the sales and marketing workflows.


For more information on how we can help your business integrate a CRM solution to your marketing and sales ambitions talk to a BIAS consultant today.

Develop Your Business and Career

Business & Executive Coaching

Paul Sullivan is a well versed leader in business. Having built, won, lost and sold businesses over the past 10 years, he has a wealth of knowledge to help you avoid the pitfalls you can face.


He is also an exceptional mentor and has references to this on Linkedin from mentees, colleagues and peers.


Having developed BIAS into a successful award-winning consultative agency by merging his other previous business, PS Consulting, he also knows when to pivot and realign.


More than this, his 12 years in a corporate environment working with some of the most reputable companies in the world also gave him well rounded leadership and development skills filling a number of senior and management roles leading teams in London, New York and Bangalore.


His passion is developing people and as an entrepreneur himself, he is constantly looking for talent to nurture and develop whilst himself also surrounding himself with mentors for his own constant education. As a result he built BIAS around a culture and principles and continues to develop his team with the same mentality.