5 tools food and drink brands should use

5 tools every food and drink brand should be using

5 tools food and drink brands should use

Food and drink brands are always looking at great new and innovative ways to engage with their consumers and we’re sure as technology evolves more and more options will become available, so here are 5 tools every food and drink brand should be using.


5 tools every food and drink brand should use


Animoto is a FREE video making app available on both the Appstore and Google Play. Initially marketed as a fun app for users to create sleek videos from the clips on their mobiles it has found its way into the business domain and you can really customise the video content that you produce.


Business users can add their brand logo to maintain consistency across their network, add pictures and music, text, image highlights, calls to action and you can download and share immediately to your social media channels.


This app can be utilised by smaller brands and larger brands alike and will be especially useful to those who don’t want to produce very corporate feeling video content but rather content that is in-situ and far edgier than usual!


There are in-app purchases but for nearly all businesses these are nominal fees.


5 tools every food and drink brand should use


Instagram! This app needs no introduction, but with the ability to distribute all graphical works for brands and videos with links to external websites or landing pages, this a key tool to have in your marketing armament.


The app is FREE, you can build a large follower base very easily and you can get viral reactions very quickly. You can communicate via posted messages and you can study your posts results in terms of likes, to really cultivate a consistent style or content ensuring that your brand message or strategy can adapt to the platform.


It’s always a compliment when someone steals your content and shares it with their own followers!


5 tools every food and drink brand should use

Social I.C.E.

Social I.C.E. is not FREE! In fact, it can be relatively expensive for smaller companies but for large brands this platform can really help you control and monetise your social media following. What I like about this brand new platform is that it enables you to lift your social media followers from your current Social Media channels and place them into your own branded channel.


This is not Social Ice controlling the data, like Facebook, Twitter etc. This gives you complete control and has all the functionality of main social media platforms. You can create groups, hangouts, pages groups within groups and you can 100% use it for e-commerce.


Brands can instantaneously take real control of the data of their followers and the platform comes complete with an “easy-to-brand” mobile app.


5 tools every food and drink brand should use


When Pinterest as a stand-alone website reached 10,000,000 unique visitors, it set a record to be the fastest web platform in history to reach that figure. It commands better views than Twitter & Bing and gets more views than Linkedin, Youtube and Google+ combined. It also has over 10,000,000 Facebook-connected users. As well as being the 4th largest driver of internet traffic worldwide it is now listed as the future of e-commerce.


For those businesses that use Social Media as a driver of sales, below is the average spend of each customer per platform (2012/13):


Twitter £45.23 per person


Facebook £52.75 per person


Pinterest £117.94 per person


70% of Pinterest users are looking for inspiration on what to buy as opposed to 17% on Facebook, therefore, you are 4 times as likely to get a sale using Pinterest.


5 tools every food and drink brand should use


I tried the trial version of moment.me, it’s a platform that really drives your social presence on Twitter and Instagram. It enables you to instigate the sales process by geolocation and search term search capacity and also to then send in an opportunity to buy a product or service from you.


  • Turn every walk-in into a loyal customer
  • Generate leads that turn into new customers
  • Personal approach
  • Choose who you target


Over the two week trial period I increased Twitter followers in my chosen areas by around 320 per week so it’s a worthwhile tool to adopt when running with particular campaigns.




These platforms are very useful tools for a brand manager or for brands themselves and can add a different catalogue to your repertoire. All of the tools above are designed to help add value and greater control of social media and the message management across it.


With regards to Social Ice, we are an agency that works with brands to correctly integrate the platform into their strategy and I wanted this clear because I believe in transparency. That being said if brands or brand managers want to talk further to that platform feel free to contact us here to discuss that.


Marketing tools are always discussed and we are actively using these platforms so feel assured that there is validity in suggesting or advocating their use. So in closing, you couldn’t have better tools available to really help capitalise on your social media followers and turn that following into profits.


If you would like some help on your social media campaigns why not get in touch or check out some of our packages here

By Paul Sullivan

image from www.startupchump.com

Paul Sullivan
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