Digital BIAS

Digital BIAS is a HubSpot Gold Partner Agency based in London, who specialises in working with e-commerce, subscription and marketplace businesses in Finance, Property, Public Sector, Technology and E-commerce.

We love problem-solving and innovating for organisations that are forward-thinking and seeking to automate the mundane everyday tasks required in marketing, sales and run the business processes.

Our client base is mainly in EMEA and the US.



Meet The Team


Paul Sullivan - BIAS (1) small


Paul Sullivan - MD & Founder 

B2B Content & Product Strategy, HubSpot Strategist, Innovation Lead


Michael Brunt


Michael Brunt - Partner 

B2C Subscription Strategist, Business Strategist, Leadership Development


Fawn Hudgens small


Fawn Hudgens - Chief Storyteller

B2B/C Brand and Content Strategy, Retail & Fintech


Eugenija 194


Eugenija Steponkute - Marketing Manager

Lead Generation, Social Media, Paid Marketing

Our Promise to You


We promise to ensure that your business is the foremost in our minds at all times, focused on delivering success through close collaboration, innovation and strategy.


Ensuring your organisation is a leader in its field, removing the stress and worries of lead generation and customer acquisition from your plate to ours.


Ever mindful of the need for revenue, qualified leads and more focused internet traffic, our bias towards data-driven marketing and sales will manifest itself in the results we deliver.


Through deep, intelligence-led research, we guarantee to investigate, extrapolate, measure, implement, test and verify each action within our strategy and execution. Our ambition to allow your business to out-innovate the competition on its way to recognised industry success.


We are budget managers, process creators, data scientists, marketers, strategists, copywriters, web developers, crazy thinkers and challengers to the status quo. 


We are enablers. We Are Bias.


Our Core Values

Problem Solving 


Before we were an agency, it was a single consultant, our CEO and founder, Paul Sullivan. Having spent over a decade working within financial services including trading, P&L, client services and ops, it was his frustration with legacy bank systems that forced his move. Having led integral technology projects at CSFB, UBS, JP Morgan he wanted to work in change the bank, where technology was being used to change the internal banking processes and help shape the future of the organisation. 


As he had no IT degree this wasn't offered and so he set up his own consulting business and went on to return to these banks as a consultant and continue the work that drove his passion. His view is that we should have as least friction as possible where technology was concerned and that people should work on less mundane tasks that drive the business forward.


This belief has stayed at the core of our business ever since. We want to work with other businesses that want to innovate to problem solve which often catapults them beyond the competition and into the space as leaders in their niche.




This has led to multiple engagements with global brands like Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan as well as smaller start-ups and mid-size organisations. He has built a culture of enablement where every voice is heard and every idea is considered to develop innovative solutions in marketing, sales and product development. This in addition to more workflow and process automation within the workplace.


He likes us to remind those we work with that innovation does not have to be this awe-inspiring vision and huge organisational change project, but simple incremental projects that automate repetitive admin tasks or processes like finance applications and so one.




Automation is key for those working with us. Often starting in areas like marketing and sales and moving onto different areas of the business as the relationship develops. Automation is often the outcome of problem solving and innovation workshops and that's why they form part of the onboarding process between us and our client partners. We like to help organisations optimise the workplace as we help build standardised sales processes or innovative web based platforms to enhance the customer experience.


We are certified in marketing tools like HubSpot and Drift, as well as basing our processes on proven strategies like EOS, design thinking, value proposition design and business model generation.




Following on from being automation focused and providing innovative solutions is the need for results. BIAS focus on being results driven at all times. Our driving ambition is to ensure your success and our own on the back of that. We will challenge the status quo, ask you to challenge yourselves and through this find ever more relevant ways to bring you and your target audience closer together to increase conversions, conversations and reduce friction in the sales cycles.


Whilst we are proud of our awards and achievements, it's the compliments we receive from our clients that push us to do and be better partners for growth.




Our founder has always been extremely reliant on his value as an employee, consultant or contractor. It's a value that he instilled in the culture at BIAS and it’s that honesty that builds trust. As well as our capacity to deliver award-winning inbound marketing campaigns that deliver both profits and client awards, establishing BIAS as a partner of choice.


Spending time to educate you are your teams about what we do, how we do it and if required enabling internal ownership through training and development. Our ambition is to keep you and your business at the very heart of what we do.


It’s what you are about and what matters to you that matters most to us, we keep that as our key focus whenever we work together. Hopefully, our values match your values.