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Over 22 years marketing, sales and consulting experience and 3 business awards since 2017!

About Us & Our Work

Our CEO and founder Paul Sullivan started the journey in 2007 with his first business venture, Distinct Magazine. Using his passion for writing as a basis for his business after a lengthy 12 years consulting, trading and working within Investment Banking and financial services. Showing a natural aptitude for using technology to automate processes within the industry. He led many “change the bank” projects with his first saving 54 man hours per week at JP Morgan.


Paul decided to use his creative talents and leave the financial services industry. Distinct Magazine was formed, a high-end lifestyle magazine which featured brands like Sunseeker in the first issue.


Using his keen knack for business, Paul spotted an opportunity to sell e-commerce websites to high street stores that advertised within his magazine. Constantly asking questions of his clients, such as what does this brand feel like to you? Can I offer something you aren’t currently getting? And so on. Paul learned a lot about his target market and made a few changes to his magazine. Such as reducing the size from A4 to A5 considering the “handbag factor”.


After a bad month on advertising sales, Paul looked at his figures and could clearly see that the profitability was in the e-commerce websites. He closed Distinct Magazine and left his rivals to the rapidly congested magazine market.


Distinct Magazine became JCK Media and Paul’s very first agency business. He ran this focusing on small business marketing for 3 years before deciding again to pivot. Facing a losing battle to offload clients who didn’t have ambitions that matched his own, he closed JCK Media. However, he had already agreed to reopen taking his larger clients with him and Modedaweb was born.


Looking back Paul often laughs at the name Modedaweb as it reminds him just how badly a branding exercise can go. But it was the start of what is now BIAS. However, after winning two awards for Best Inbound Marketing Agency London 2017 and Best Campaign in Mental Health 2017 in the marketing, PR and design awards. Paul had the last laugh.


In 2016 Paul starred in BBC’s The Apprentice, finishing just outside the final 5 after a clash with Lord Sugar didn’t go down too well. But he had planned to capitalise on the experience and rebranded to Paul Sullivan Marketing. Whilst it matched his newfound notoriety, he was uneasy with it and was now looking for a brand name that represented what he believed in.


After hiring PR and Branding Agency New Communications, they underwent an external branding process which arrived back with PS Consulting. As Paul already owned PS Consulting (now merged) he was left to further ponder the situation.


After looking for a word that summed up his beliefs, he realised that the word BIAS sat well. BIAS in a positive way as opposed to the negative connotation really represents his brand. A passion for delivering inbound marketing to increase qualified leads for companies. Whilst using conversational marketing to increase sales conversions. All of this using data-driven marketing with search engine optimisation at the heart of it.


Paul does have a bias, and that is to work with staff and companies that understand that the methods BIAS deliver. He understands that companies whose goals, culture and ambition match his own get the best from BIAS.


Oh, and did we tell you?

BIAS has won another award this year, Best in Inbound Marketing Services UK 2019.


If your business wants to work with a team of winners, run by an entrepreneurially minded award winner. Then talk to BIAS today and get your business going in the right direction.

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