Automating Social Media for Tradesmen

social media management platforms

Automating Social Media for Tradesmen

Does it feel like a pile of screws when you think of practicing regular Social Media?


social media management platforms

This is the last in our “laymans” series of Social Media for Tradespersons. We’ve discussed at a basic and easy to understand reasons why you should utilise this amazing tool and have gone on to discuss the platforms individually:


If you have just discovered this post, I ask that you go through the older posts to gain a good understanding of why and how this series came together.


How to automate your social media whilst you are at work


There are several platforms that enable you to start automating social media for tradesmen! I’m not going to discuss all of them, we’d be here all day and there are new platforms appearing in the market on a daily basis so I’m going to discuss Facebook Page posts, Hootsuite and Klout.


Facebook Page Posts


social media management platforms 1.png

So here above you can see a facebook post I made when I shared some content from around ecommerce and SEO practice. Note that in the new post box in the bottom right-hand corner, there is a blue button that says Post. When you click on this post a drop-down menu appears and gives you options Schedule, backdate or save draft.


social media management platforms 2.png

When you click to schedule your post, a calendar appears in a box over a dark background with the options to edit the time and date simply click the calendar icon in the date field or click on the time in the time field and overtype the time you would like your post to go out and click the schedule button to finish.


You can schedule numerous posts!


Hootsuite for automating Social Media posts


social media management platforms 3.png

image source thedrum,com


Hootsuite is available to be accessed multi-platform which means you can access it from your PC, Tablet or smartphone. It is an online Social Media management platform that can help you structure your daily, weekly and or monthly posts, pictures and tweets.


social media management platforms 4.png

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The standard access is free and can be accessed and once you have signed up and become familiar with just how the platform works you can then sign up for additional pro-features. This link will show you the Hootsuite educational plan. If you would like to master Hootsuite, then please take a look at what’s available to you.


klout-logo-color-dark for sharing great content :


Klout is a Social Media management platform that is focused on enabling the user to share relevant and topical news from around the web on that user, Twitter and Facebook channels. It also asks you to add your other social media accounts so it can register the activity and help generate your Klout score.


social media management platforms 5.png

Again this is another platform that enables you to share content in advance, a great addition to your social media strategy if you cannot always create your own content.


There are numerous other platforms available, these are two that we are familiar with and find very easy to operate. Start here and once you are comfortable, then branch out to some of the others, but in the first instance, keep it simple when it comes to automating social media for tradesmen!


by Paul Sullivan


Paul Sullivan
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