B2B HubSpot CMS Website Migration from WordPress

Lionesa Case Study

Company Profile

Lionesa is Portugal's answer to WeWork. However, WeWork could take a lesson from Lionesa regarding professional and personal facilities. Based on Porto’s sunshine coast in easy reach of the airport and the beach, it’s a perfect blend of culture, commerce and community



Language website; Portuguese and English



Year relationship with organisation



Website projects completed

The Approach

Whilst the original scope of work was to redesign the front end of the website, BIAS dived deeper into the mechanics of how Lionesa delivered its services to its customers.

We established that, ideally, the business would like a private customer portal, intranet, and chat features and that a CRM attached to the website would be better than managing form submissions as they currently did in WordPress.

The inbuilt SEO tools from HubSpot CMS added more weight to a call to pivot from WordPress, and we finally signed the deal when we explained that they wouldn’t need a costly ongoing support contract with us as they did again on WP.

In short, we assessed the business requirements and goals and suggested a tool to support wider business initiatives, not just an update to the look and feel.


This project was our first multi-language project, and our experience has mainly been with WordPress. Although HubSpot CMS is also a low-code option for website building, we felt for Lionesa’s situation, a professional CMS and CRM with added functionality were better suited.

This analysis has proven to be the ideal solution, although the team at Lionesa made the journey easy as they analysed the proposal heavily before committing. However, once the decision was made, they were super supportive, and the collaboration on the project was easy.

The team at BIAS loved this project. Helping a business change its focus and operational model through innovation and technology shows us in our best light. We hope to continue our relationship with the company as they continue to grow and develop its marketing and sales strategy.