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Website Redesign? You need GDD

Traditional website redesign is dead unless of course, you’re focused on prolonging your company’s pain.   So why would I say that?   If you look at the traditional approach to website redesign, that process in itself is set up for failure. It’s lengthy, costly and protracted because they...

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What is user experience?

User experience may be talked about a lot, but what is it and why should you care about it?   The term user experience is commonly used now among designers, advertisers and marketers alike. But for those who perhaps aren’t familiar with this term, or aren't sure what...

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5 Myths About Web Design

As design is an incredibly broad term, and every designer seems to have their own (ever so slightly different) definition of what it is, we regularly come across some widely believed myths in regards to web design. This is understandable, the world of digital is...

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12 great Google Font pairings

The days of only having a few web fonts to choose from are long gone. Thankfully things like Google Fonts are now enabling web designers the chance to get creative with their typography, and they're free to use!   The Google Fonts library consists of 707 font families...

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Inbound Marketing is not PR

Inbound Marketing is not PR. According to the Chartered Institution of Public Relations definition of PR “is the discipline which looks after reputation, with the aim of earning understanding and support and influencing opinion and behaviour. It is the planned and sustained effort to establish and...

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What is emotional branding?

Branding is incredibly important for businesses. It allows companies to form a relationship with its customers and creates differentiation between themselves and their competitors in the marketplace. The term emotional branding is one that is thrown around a lot lately, but what is emotional branding?...

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Design in the digital realm

Design, is a process, one that involves identifying a problem and solving it. Target audience, competition, and user experience, amongst other things. It’s a broad process, much of which can really be applied to just about anything you design, be it a website or a...

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The Value of Good Design

More so than ever we are bombarded by messages, e-mails, social media, advertising, radio etc. Messages telling us to buy something, where to buy it from, constant emails flooding our inboxes and notifications from apps we can’t even remember installing. Such a flood of information...

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What is Graphic Design?

The design is a word that can be thrown around a lot, more so now than ever before. But what is graphic design? Many definitions exist, and every designer seems to have a slightly different answer. There’s even fierce debate on where design ends and...

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