5 ways to Start Conversational Marketing

Over 1.5 billion users use Whatsapp messenger as a means of communication, that is a fact! No wonder on that figure alone, messenger marketing and conversational marketing have exploded alongside this. More and more brands now start conversational marketing as part of the overall strategy.






Not assured that B2B brands are operating their Facebook chat channels in a lead generation manner?


Drifts lead bot platform is the best choice for me to fulfil this conversion rate requirement. Capable of doing so much for your in-situ inbound marketing campaigns by accelerating the lead generation process. Drifts platform manages both B2B and B2C marketing and sales campaigns.


The reasons some don’t start conversational marketing


To be completely honest, I’ve had non-starter conversations about the adoption of lead bots and ways to start conversational marketing. They simply haven’t got off of the ground as soon as conversational marketing turns to chatbots. For some business development directors or sales and marketing directors, it’s not something they’ll entertain. This is a source of constant frustration as messaging apps are for more than customer support.


So here are some of the comments I’ve had over the past 3 months.


  • “Whenever I get a bot on a website I just leave”
  • “Chatbots are rubbish, they often don’t understand the questions you ask”
  • “Companies try and pass the chatbot off as a person and it never works”
  • “They’re really expensive to implement and take months to code”
  • “They’re not suited to my industry/company”
  • “Chatbots cannot close leads or make sales, lol, what are you talking about??”
  • “There’s no proof chatbots, accelerate the qualification process”
  • “You can’t control the conversation once the chatbot is talking so you still have to collect the information then call them back, it’s just another step in the process.”
  • “Small businesses can’t use them, they’re for larger companies like….”
  • “Chatbots are just for customer service and they’re often not good at that either!”


Results from real conversations April-July 2018


As you can see, there are a lot of what I call stereotypical answers. Built from a lack of education and popular bias towards technology people don’t quite understand. All of the answers are good and honest, typically reflective of the journey we’ve been on from live chat through machine learning to AI.


But there are solutions that don’t fit these negative criteria. It’s about education, perspective and real-time application. So below I will list 5 ways to start conversational marketing in your overall strategy.


Use it to Support Inbound Marketing


Inbound marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing adopted around the world. The use of multiple marketing channels in one cohesive strategy is delivering dividends time and again across multiple industries.


However, inbound marketing has a long nurturing process. It is based around creating educational content targeted at an audience built around your company buyer personas. You then use a call to action to ask web visitors to download thought leadership content (ebooks, webinars) and then start automated email nurturing campaigns.


Inbound doesn’t capture intent, so if a person arrives into your content whilst searching for a solution provider and he or she has to get themselves into a nurturing workflow you can lose them. Chatbots or lead bots are there immediately to start a conversation and get a prospect into a qualified conversation in a matter of minutes. Top that off with your lead bot being able to transfer that qualified lead to a salesperson in that instant, closure rates improve and sales cycles shorten. Having a huge impact on customer experience leading to more face to face meetings.




Use Drifts Leadbot Platform


To be clear we are a Drift partner, so we advocate the platform. I just wanted to be open about this now.


The benefits of this platform are superb for supporting your sales and marketing teams as the interface is simple to use and you can plan the playbook easily.




You also get a live view of website visitors that are currently on your website enabling you to reach out to initiate conversations without a chatbot, as a salesperson.




As well as having the ability to create playbooks for when you are offline and unable to enter a conversation. But also for when you are online, which would aim to get the visitor into a conversation with your sales team.


You can also include account-based marketing as the platform can tell you when companies have been on your website. This enables you to build playbooks solely for those people when they return.


And you can also integrate Drift into your sales teams calendars enabling your customers and leads to book appointments to suit.


To cap it all, Drift has an app for mobile that allows your team to follow chat conversations whilst they are on the go should they need to have full access. It’s not just for browser-based use.


The added bonus is they have a free version to get you off and started today, but feel free to speak to us for a more comprehensive consultation.


Build multiple strategic conversational marketing playbooks


To get true success out of conversational marketing, you must segment, the same as your current inbound methods. The aim is to create lead bot conversations designed to quickly qualify your website visitor and have them straight onto your sales team. This works, but not with a one size fits all strategy.




As you can see you can have multiple playbooks that you can switch on or off at any given time. The aim here is to build conversational marketing playbooks that are geared up around individual products and services so you qualify your website or landing page visitors as deeply as you see fit.


Try to brainstorm, use historical data and sales personnel experience to work out the typical questions that you are asked and build those answers into your longer playbooks and where possible try and keep your playbook to no more than 8-10 choices.


Remember, this is about being direct and quick.


Provide your help and support


Drifts platform also allows you to set up a support chatbot. This removes the need for live chat or a Facebook messenger bot and keeps your customer within your ecosystem.




Image copyright of


Help often enables you to allow customers who are unsure of what they need to find the right information, based on the use of keyword recognition. This functionality shouldn’t be the sole use case for support as it would also benefit a qualification playbook too!


This functionality will also allow you to feed quality website content into the conversational marketing strategy as keywords can be used to push conversion content at the prospect’s request.


So remember, help and support isn’t just customer service focused it’s also a way to allow potential customers to engage as they see fit whilst pushing for further sales or conversion opportunities…


For the SME that can’t afford a Salesperson


Let’s take a look away from the big corporates with large sales teams and get down to the smaller SME’s. The businesses where maybe the owner is the salesperson as well as the marketing person. These businesses are often the ones that struggle for time to do it all and here is where a lead bot excels.


Picture this, you’re a small company, you need a salesperson but can’t quite afford one so it’s you. You need a marketing person but you can’t quite afford one so it’s you. Your choice is to do both but not fantastically well or you can add a lead bot and become great at marketing (it’s quite easy you know).


If you can spend your time generating content, social media website and landing page traffic, then you can add a lead bot. Qualify the people worth following up with and eliminate the time-wasters increasing the opportunity to grow your business.




So as you can see, 5 ways to implement conversational marketing. Straight-forward reasons to add chatbots to an already functional marketing funnel and how a smaller business can employ them to help with sales instead of trying to be skilled at everything often achieving little or no results.


If any of the reasons above are making you ask yourself if your business could look at starting conversational marketing then don’t be shy, reach out and talk to us and we will do our best to provide you with a strategy to support your growth and accelerate your qualification numbers.


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BY Paul Sullivan



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