B2B Conversational Marketing Tips

Whether you’ve accepted it or not, conversational marketing is here to stay. As such, I thought I’d pave the way for you by giving you my B2B conversational marketing tips.


B2B marketers are required to deliver hot warm leads to their sales counterparts on a regular basis, but right now most landing pages are only converting between 2.6 - 5%. Those that have added lead bots to their landing pages have seen up to 400% increases in those figures.


If you know what your attrition rates are in your funnels


No. of Visitors it takes to convert (fill in a form) to those that turn into real conversations and those that convert into paying customers


Then you can work out what potential there is in conversational marketing yourself (before you talk to me) within your own inbound marketing funnels.



How to start conversational marketing


Firstly, to start conversational marketing, you have to already be active in some form of inbound marketing activity. Inbound marketing is a cohesive strategy bringing content, email, social media and paid search together. The ultimate ambition of this type of strategy is to position your business as an authority in its industry and create trust amongst those digesting your content.


By doing this, you create a website or landing page traffic giving your business the opportunity to create leads.


Adding your lead bot


Now you are generating traffic to your website and landing pages, you can add your lead bot. Conversational marketing isn’t controlled by AI-led or NLP bots, so don’t make that assumption. They can be, but that’s a bigger a more complex investment than most businesses actually need at this point in time.


Conversational marketing on our platform is about closing your enquiries and qualifying them for your sales team. It’s a very structured but natural way for website visitors to interact with your brand or business, pre-sales. Once your conversational marketing playbooks are written and implemented, you will see increases in your leads and often a reduction in sales cycles.


My B2B Conversational Marketing Tips


Conversational Marketing Tip #1 - Just Start


The first tip I can offer is to simply install the lead bot. Set up a basic playbook through the interface and just get going. Implementing a lead bot is a simple enough process, and as you see engagement it will inspire you to delve deeper with a comprehensive strategy.


Conversational Marketing Tip #2 - Segment


My second tip is to segment. Segmentation by product or service type will enable your team to be clear on the goals of each conversational marketing playbook you create. This will ensure that you do not waste time and keep the message flow on point.


Those that see the best returns on their investment work on a playbook by playbook strategy with constant iteration and A + B testing.


Conversational Marketing Tip #3 - Use Personas


Employ your buyer personas. Buyer personas help you build effective sales and marketing funnels. To employ b2b conversational marketing successfully, do the groundwork. No success is generated without fully understanding who your customer is, what drives them and what their typical pain points are.


Remember, buying decisions are far more emotional than logical. If you recognise typical points of pain within the industries you supply, or that your product or solution solves, then ask those questions in your playbook.


However, you can’t apply this winning formula if you simply ignore the buyer persona development work. Check out our great buyer persona ebook here.


Conversational Marketing Tip #4 - Run Kick-Off Workshops


Engage your sales and marketing teams when creating playbooks. Remove as much opportunity for a suggestion to come into play. Gut feelings and assumption, usually corrupt results in marketing funnels as ego gets in the way.


I cannot count the number of times people dismiss collaboration and go it alone. We always need alternate perspectives when creating funnels and content and conversational marketing playbooks are no different. Try running a conversational marketing workshop to get the greatest success.


Conversational Marketing Tip #5 - Maximise use of the platform's features


Use the full suite of tools. Our platform doesn’t just provide the lead bot and playbook functionality. It offers the opportunity to apply account-based marketing and set up playbooks that recognise return visitors, personalising the conversational experience.


We have a live view. This allows you to sit and watch what pages currently have traffic on them and to initiate cold conversations.


Ensure you link the lead bot to your sales teams diaries and your company CRM. This helps the recognition process for return visitors.


Make it a standard procedure that all sales teams have the mobile chat app installed on their mobile phones so that they can always catch a warm lead or prospect.


Utilise the online and offline features and ensure you change narratives to capture intent and to bring personality through to the conversation.


In closing


So there you have it. My B2B conversational marketing tips. I hope that you found this short read informative and inspiring. B2b conversational marketing has a long way to grow. The opportunities supplied to teams are proven and the impact to the bottom line is all we really care about.


Therefore, should you need further advice or ideas about conversational marketing, lead bots or conversational marketing playbooks reach out and talk to us? More posts are available on this blog so keep reading, I’m sure there is something for most to learn.


For lead bot consulting and conversational marketing strategy, please feel free to reach out, we’re happy to help.


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BY Paul Sullivan



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