Conversational Marketing for Real Estate

Conversational marketing for real estate businesses works! The realtors, estate agents and letting agents should all adopt conversational marketing. Not only are they completely sales-focused industries, but they also require constant conversation for a number of reasons.


The process of either buying or renting a property involves a number of touch points by agency staff and therefore having a lead bot in place works perfectly. Using your lead bot to supplement the workload enables small teams to work exceptionally well.


Tenants and landlords often have numerous questions, as do vendors and purchasers of property, that your help bot can be critical in pushing them to the right pages of your website or serving the right content.


Why estate agents need to use conversational marketing


Firstly, to establish why conversational marketing for real estate businesses actually works you have to look at their buyer personas:


  1. The Vendor, or person selling the property
  2. The Buyer, person(s) purchasing the property
  3. The Landlord, person letting properties but also a potential property portfolio holder
  4. The Tenant, person(s) who are renting properties


These personas are typical of nearly all estate agents and letting agents. Therefore we will look at each one in succession and break down why and how you would employ conversational marketing per persona.


The Vendor or Seller


The vendor or seller has a number of things that they need to do in order to help the property agent sell the property. Quite often, in addition to the visit of a realtor or estate agent to explain the process the client still asks repetitive questions.


By installing a lead bot with a help bot playbook, you can let vendors ask questions in their own time often outside of the standard working hours of your agency online.


You can also implement a lead bot to close presale inquiries looking at preempting questions around your fees, your services, awards, testimonials even presenting a service pack. All of this can take place before you ask the prospect for their contact details and to book an appointment in your sales or letting agents linked diary. It’s these types of manual administrative style tasks that can really be facilitated in a fun conversational way, any time of day or night.


With added benefits like recognising a return visitor, each trip back will show the previous conversation enabling your vendor to pick up right where they left off. Therefore you now have a 360-degree service available 24 hours a day.


The Buyer


The buyer needs lots of help. From initial inquiries about the property for sale to asking for your salesperson to contact them for an appointment. Why not immediately spin that on its head and enable the client to book an appointment that suits them in your sales agents diary?


If you have the internal capacity, why not use video of properties for sale and serve them up in property-specific conversational marketing playbooks? Target the properties on your website with specific references and use those as keywords in your playbook to produce a better customer experience! Platforms like Rightmove, Zoopla and On the Market are a pretty flat experience so make yours pop!


Other things to consider are that as buyers, we really do not want to be pushed to some portal to manage our purchase. We are paying you for your time in our fees, not for some soulless interface that interrupts our day to use. As such, spend time mapping out the typical customer journey and then asses where your customer could be supported by conversational marketing.


The Landlord


These guys could really use a lead bot on your website. They are often needy, inquisitive and a good source of your income. Often landlords own multiple properties so your agency ambition is to on-board the portfolio, not one or two properties at a time.


Yes, some of the reasons above also suit this persona, such as inquiring about your suitability as a management agent. Finding out about your service agreements, being able to register online and of course book an appointment or request a call back in an agents diary.


These are fundamentals, but worth mentioning.


How about adding giveaway content to a landlord chat playbook, things like downloadable PDF on tips for getting your property ready to let. Or the advantages of Airbnb over traditional letting.


Utilising a lead bot allows so much scope for improvement and if your competitors don’t have one….


The Tenant


The tenant will benefit massively from your company website having a lead bot in place. There are numerous questions on-going that you can pre-empt being asked of your business, from fees, insurances, processes, referencing, lodging complaints.


Some estate agents have payment pages set up on their websites in case a tenant has problems paying the rent and needs to use a card. When the tenant accesses the tenant area on your website to search for what they need to do, your bot can suggest helpful links or content based on keywords or a playbook.


As the lead bots are used to close inquiries, serve content and provide help, they can become a one-stop-shop solution when your business is struggling with hiring, getting much better website traffic and support admin and sales.



How to get even better results


Did you know that in the UK, the average estate agent has around 60-65% of all its online traffic directed from Rightmove?


With that being said, if you are solely focused on that as your lead generation and hoping that if a landlord wants to find a management agency he or she will somehow find your company, ask yourself how?


Optimising your sales funnel, means focusing as much energy and strategy to acquiring your website traffic from other means, such as searches on search engines like


Best property management company in …..

Cheapest property management rates in…..

Estate agents in….

Best letting agent for landlords


All of these types of queries are sent into the search engines on a daily basis. Your job is to optimise your website for them or to write content onto your blog and answer them there.


We’ve been in and around estate agents and realtors for a number of years advising on strategy, helping set up new departments and internal processes. Our clients have won awards and took new departments from £0 to six figures in under a year.


The reason I say this is because we rarely get in the wrong in this space and we’re here to tell you that conversational marketing for real estate businesses is here to stay and will only get widely adopted.


It’s up to you to get in as early as possible and maximise the opportunity. Click the links to find out more about our conversational marketing services or our inbound packages.



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BY Paul Sullivan



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