Conversational Marketing for Start Ups

Conversational marketing for startups looks at how and why a relatively new company or business would use the lead bot strategy in their marketing and sales funnel.


Often viewed as a solution for much larger medium to enterprise-level organisations, many startups dismiss conversational marketing out of hand. Or are simply uneducated around the potential benefits.


The Theory around conversational marketing for start-ups


The theory I have applied to this business scenario comes from an understanding of the start-up business needs. As well as the start-up entrepreneurs mindset.


In 2018, and I mention the date to give context, business owners and entrepreneurs know your lead generation will be by referral or by online activities such as social media and content marketing.


Ultimately your success will be defined by the strategy you put into your online marketing efforts. This will raise both your profile and educate website visitors about what you do.


Startup problems conversational marketing solves


Carrying on with my theoretical analysis of why conversational marketing for startups would work. I want to look at several issues faced on a day to day basis by businesses of this type.




Many small businesses and startups face the recruitment problem, not enough capital or cash flow to have both marketing and salesperson in the team. It’s usually one or the other and often you go with the salesperson, who typically is you.


If you are tasked with running the business, promoting and marketing the business, as well as selling the products or services, that's a hard task to say the least.


Think about adding a lead bot to take care of the online enquiries and lead qualification. This will allow you to concentrate on driving the website traffic and monitoring the “live view” our lead bot platform offers.




Couple this with the ability to use our platform like live chat service too and you’re onto a winner. You can effectively substitute a salesperson with the lead bot.


Understanding that the lead bot is specifically designed to qualify prospects on your website and landing pages, helps you plan your conversational marketing playbooks.


You should set up your playbook to really drill down and discover exactly what your prospect is looking for. Once you have the information, you can take details transfer to an agent or book an appointment in your calendar. A perfect sales support tool.


Customer Services


This is a big thing for any small business. Customer services can make or break a business in the early days. Typically if a customer cannot obtain you on the telephone or via email services, they will seek answers on your website.


Introducing a help or customer service bot to push customers to help pages or content articles could pay much-needed dividends during the startup period and beyond.


The more helpful content you write and produce, the better the impression you create and that in itself attracts customers.


In closing


So there you have it. My conversational marketing for startups tips, looking at how you can implement conversational marketing to kickstart your recruitment, sales and customer services.


Applying your lead bot in the areas I’ve discussed will give you solid support as long as you do make a good effort to include an inbound content marketing strategy in your efforts. You need traffic to your websites to make it worthwhile.


For further ideas and consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to discuss how conversational marketing for startups can be implemented.


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BY Paul Sullivan



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