Just How Good is Financial Services Website Development

The year is drawing to an end, financial services marketing and website development budgets have been set, but technically those websites, just how good are they really? BIAS looks into financial services website development and gives our honest opinion.


Grade those websites


Bias Digital is a specialist inbound marketing agency that focuses mainly on financial services and fintech clients amongst others and because of this, we have graded the quality of the websites in the UK financial services sector.


As a Hubspot agency partner, we have access to their toolkit and one of those tools is the website grader tool which assesses the technical quality of the website based on fixed metrics.


We have assessed the technical quality of these platforms, as inbound marketing is focused on driving traffic to your website, so if the technical capacity is poor, then it wouldn’t be fit for purpose.


What do you actually assess?


We look at four metrics used to analyse the state of websites of financial institutions in the UK: website performance, mobile readiness, search engine optimisation and security. We begin with a discussion of the Hubspot website grader and speak at the metrics, what they are, why they are important and how financial institutions fare on average within these four metrics.


Keep in mind that, when evaluating a website from a technical perspective, there is no one metric that on its own, will produce a “better” website in terms of experience for the visitor. The four areas discussed here are interrelated and visitor experience is of course, not strictly technology dependent.


As far as it is, however, the effects of even relatively small improvements in one metric on overall website experience (and grade results) is something that marketing and sales management teams can evaluate and test on a case by case basis.


Why should I care?


Heads of marketing sales and development should be very interested in the findings of this report as in some cases the scores were damning and if I was a CEO or of similar standing and I discovered that the score of my bank, building society, insurance, stockbroker or alternative investment platform website was far underperforming my peers, heads would roll.


I mean, that’s why marketing and development teams exist, isn’t it?


You can use this report in one of two ways; to show off proudly how your website scores and focus at how the nearest rival doesn’t or you could use it as a tool to ask for a bigger budget to develop something that can rub shoulders with your rival. However the report is not limited to focusing on this as its use, it has far more insights per sector than that!


Make no mistake, page loading speeds, SEO, mobile responsiveness will all play a part in getting visitors to the website but some of the findings were eye-opening. It seems some financial institutions focus heavily on the SEO aspect of their website and not so much on speed and loading times.


That’s like having a party at the Buckingham Palace and forgetting to order the booze! That could be the one chance you get, as it also could be with that website visitor.


Who did you grade?


To whet your appetite we are going to release the lists of all the businesses in each sector we graded but we will not release the overall scores as I’m sure the agencies and internal teams that read that will scramble to see just how well they fared.


The report is not designed to promote or degrade anyone business so we have decided to show only the top performers from each sector and let the others look for their own scores, or they can reach out to us and we’ll happily discuss that score and how you can improve it.


Financial Services Websites


In closing, I can tell you that there is a large number of businesses graded and whilst we will break out reports into sector-specific reports, the complete report talks about the quality between sectors as well as in those sectors.


Banks & Investment Banks                                          148

Building Societies                                                           45

Insurance Companies                                                   49

Stockbrokers                                                                   71

Alternative Investment Platforms                               10


The Report


This report covers 5 sectors, 323 financial service businesses, contains 72 data tables and in its full format has 99 pages. This hasn’t been written lightly and will most certainly provide interested parties with plenty of food for thought.


Register to receive


If you would like to pre-register for a copy of the full State of Play Financial Services Websites Report 2015 report, please click through here, by doing so you will receive an advance report of the graded businesses and the URL that was graded. We shall ensure that you receive only the data you are interested in or you can choose to order the full report.


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BY Paul Sullivan



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