Do You Use Life Science Buyer Personas?

Introduction to Life Science buyer personas


The life science industry is huge and broad, globally growing like no other. It is unique in many ways.  But even if we boil down to individual sectors within the life sciences, there is no single consumer audience. Many different people can influence the decision to purchase goods and services at different stages of the consideration process. 


This typically applies to big-ticket items – such as a gene sequencer. Nobody can afford the luxury of focusing on a single audience type to the exclusion of all others.


This is also true of much less expensive products and services. The example that most people in the life science industry will relate to is the lab supplies company. The one that sells reagents and enzymes typically costing less than a few hundred dollars. Even at this reasonably low price point, they have identified and profiled different types of audiences within a typical lab environment. 


There is a need for careful identification of various types of buyers and decision influencers in life science marketing. As each has its own role and amount of influence over the buying process.


The key point? Life science companies need to dynamically focus on multiple customer based audiences. Each target customer needs to be considered, identified and profiled to ensure that all of the important buying cycle decision-makers are being addressed.


Life Science Companies Want Qualified Leads And Conversions


To achieve this, companies need to ensure they are targeting the right people in the organisation with the right influence and at the right time. By carefully focusing marketing efforts on the prospects pain points with life science content, you demonstrate subject matter expertise.


Life Science Buyer Personas

Do you want to transform customer experience in your life science company?


Let’s get started…


What is the primary reason your customer will purchase from you and not your competitors?


What questions does your persona ask before buying?


When you know what your prospective customer is asking, you can create your content marketing strategy to answer their key questions in an inbound way. This gives potential customers the confidence that your solution/product is the right choice for them before official contact.


As there are lots of websites providing the same solution or product. What holds the customer’s attention on your site? What keeps them from clicking on to the competitor?


  • Authority
  • Ease of Use
  • Reliability
  • Valuable Information
  • Price
  • Customer service
  • Time Efficiency


Cover all bases using a dynamic approach!


Develop the buyer personas from your multiple target audiences. Apply a digital strategy of inbound, informative, valuable information for your customer and you can create authority around your sector. Combine with state of the art chatbots that provide the ultimate ease of use. 


They improve customer experience including on-demand demos and instant link up to a video call with your sales team. All integrated into your existing website and marketing process. This approach ensures the ‘Polly’s’ visiting your website know that you are the right provider for their unique needs.



An Example Of How To Get Started With Your Buyer Persona’s


Polly The Principle Scientist


Polly (35) has a PhD in drug formulation, she has recently moved jobs and now leads a team of scientists producing generic medicines in a medium-sized U.K pharmaceutical company.


This is the most responsibility Polly has ever had and is looking forward to the challenge and opportunity to impress her superiors by swiftly reaching key milestones in her projects. However, she feels the pressure and doesn’t have time for project setbacks.


Polly spends mornings in the lab overseeing projects. Office time is scheduled for afternoons. She doesn’t have time to go to trade shows and does her procurement research on google. For large purchases, she reads reviews, case studies and refers back to equipment and brands she has used in the past.


As a busy manager, she needs the facts quickly. So she watches videos and tutorials to gauge if the piece of equipment is easy to use and right for her lab. The operations director gives her a budget and requires three quotes. She feels she educates herself quite well online before she contacts a salesperson to be more efficient with her time.


Polly has a two-year-old son Ethan who is in the nursery while she works. Her husband works away and weekends are their only time altogether. She is an excellent scientist and enjoys her work, but inconsistent unreliable HPLC results shouldn’t take the time away from her and her young family.


What Can You Learn From Buyer Personas


Polly needs and wants what drives her! How you can best meet all of her requirements and give her the best experience possible? Your company stands out from competitors by understanding your customers on a deep level. This not only converts leads but delights and inspires customers to become the best brand ambassadors for your products.


Giving Your Sales Team The Insights They Need To Target And Convert Leads


  • How this is then adopted into the bigger marketing and sales strategy
    • Marketing messaging
      • Content production
      • Social media messaging
      • Email marketing
    • Sales education
      • Educating sales teams with the responses and wins
      • Utilising the negatives for positive results
    • Technology adoption
      • Why we insist on conversational marketing
      • Use Drift for success
        • Improve lead nurturing
        • Increase immediacy in the conversion process
        • Utilise listening to improve your chatbot conversations
        • Test, listen and test again


How the right partnerships will increase conversion


    • Choose an agency wisely
    • Ask for proof of concept
    • Test and iterate for continued success


The Beginning


This is just an introduction, a way for me to help you explore further into life science buyer persona development. For those experienced, you may already know this and if you do, kudos to you. If you are reading this and you haven’t got experience with personas then this is certainly the best article to start with.


There are other things that you need to do to help you establish the information for each pillar and I will follow up with that in the next article.


Please feel free to jump in and ask questions, I’m happy to help you understand how life science buyer personas work and develop your own personas for your business.



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BY Paul Sullivan



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