Marketing For Financial Services the 15 Best Blogs To Follow

Many people will read the blog title and assume that there will be a list of great blogs pertaining to marketing news for financial institutions but there is more to this than you first think. Many new inbound or content marketers may already have a great idea about their topics and content type, but we all need resources to ensure that we keep up to date with our skills and our information.


This guide will list a combination of news, content and educational blogs so that the avid marketer can really up their content delivery for their own or their clients’ business blogs when marketing for financial services.


Top 5 financial marketing content blogs




Marketing Week This particular blog is full of rich news about financial institutions around the world so if you are looking for some topical content to write about, you can’t go wrong searching here.




The Financial Brand The financial brand is a portal that is solely dedicated to news and resources for the financial services marketer. From tools to agency listings, this is a platform for both agency and clients to gain some education.




Digital Marketing Magazine This platform touches on a range of different marketing related subjects but if you search for financial marketing related news then a wealth of content becomes available.



B2b Marketing The b2b marketing portal has well over 1,000 content results for the search term financial. This is another great platform for content to help you drive forward a conversation online and also to link back to.



Insider Monkey This is a great resource and not only that, whilst perusing the site we found a great article “The best 100 financial blogs” so this had to feature in our top 5. A fantastic resource for the financial services marketing expert.


Top 5 financial news resources



Money Marketing this offering from the UK is a great resource for those looking for news from inside the industry to write about. Covers products like general investments, mortgages, pensions and regulation. If you are writing on behalf of a financial services client, then you should certainly visit this website.



The Financial Times Another financial news powerhouse and globally recognised resource for developments in the financial services industry.



The Wall Street Journal one of three websites that has to make the top 5 in any marketing experts list of news resources. This platform speaks for itself.



Bloomberg The home of everything financial and business related, you simply cannot ignore this website as a source for up to the minute breaking news for business and finance globally.



Financial News another great globally focused news portal on everything financial, the coverage of this platform is diverse across the financial services industry.


Top 5 financial services industry portals



Bank Innovation Another fine resource of industry news and content covering the global financial markets.



JP Morgan Asset Management they have a great portal looking at financial news offering their own insights and have gone as far as to offer their own insights app available on iTunes.



Morgan Stanley has really changed their corporate look and feel with this website. Clearly intent on delivering news straight to the reader, you simply scroll down for more financial news.



Barclays Wealth A great blog from a UK banking powerhouse. With a global reach, this is a well thought out and simply structured blog which is full of great content.



TSB Bank The TSB is a new instance of a previous UK retail bank that was absorbed by Lloyds Bank some years ago. They have a clean clear blog useful specifically for their customers or potential customers, one to watch.




When it comes to news resources for marketing for the financial services industry there are a huge number of portals, blogs, newspapers and magazines to help you find your content. Don’t be afraid to look to other writers in the industry, study their blogs and their content copy. You obviously don’t want imitate someone else’s style or tone but it is part and parcel of a good learning curve.


There are also a huge number of niche sites with dedicated news and research into particular markets or financial products and if you already have clients that are in the industry, don’t be afraid to ask them what platforms they are following – that fits well into defining your buyer personas for your own inbound marketing activities.




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