Why Technology Companies need to use Chatbots

There are a whole host of reasons why technology companies need to use chatbots in their marketing armoury. The main reason is that they ENABLE an easy transition through the marketing funnel.


Sure they provide customer service opportunities, but the opportunity presented by a chatbot on your website or landing page for marketing and sales are surprisingly bountiful.


Typical “live chat” features can be useless when they aren’t manned 24 hours a day, it’s being available in the moment that gives chatbots the edge and enables a website visitor to interact and get answers immediately. Proven to increase conversions between 35% and 100%


Chatbots can also use machine learning to understand your customers' behaviour and when AI really integrates chatbots will deliver even more.


Maybe you are wondering what the use cases are for B2B chatbots and there are 5 case studies you can review here.


What are the immediate issues?


After seeing Zuck (Mark Zuckerberg) on the hill recently and the admission that Facebook listens to and monitors conversations in its messenger app, do you want to continue using Facebook messenger apps for your business?


Also, how does that work under GDPR?


The next issue is that chatbots aren’t actually using real AI, they are using machine learning and that is a different reality. It can present options to a user based on the information you feed it, but it isn’t completely autonomous just yet.


That being said there are obvious positives, such as the fact they are widely adopted in B2C companies and that ensures public adoption, to clarify, those industries are:


  • Airlines
  • Hotels
  • Florist
  • Online Shopping
  • Buying Event Tickets
  • Fighting Parking Tickets
  • Ordering Food
  • Finance and Financial Advisory


And the list goes on. Chatbots are here and they will stay and only get more intelligent as time goes on.




How will technology companies put them to good use?


The answer is this, by using simple yes/no questions, they can ease the transition through education and sales within the chatbot box on the website. A cleverly designed conversation enables the chatbot to know when to offer pdf’s, services and ultimately convert them into a real conversation.


They also enable 24/7/365 online communication, something we humans couldn’t do unless it was at a great expense. The chatbot will perform with 1 100 or 1000 users at any time, humans simply cannot.


And the future?


Well according to a recent Forrester report, the general adoption of AI across the board, not just chatbots is only measured at around 20%, but Oracle published a report that vastly countered that figure at around 80% of brands stating they would adopt chatbots. This was also backed up by Business Insider.


My issue is that there is a lot of talk about chatbots not being quite there in answering questions - localised phrasing not being picked up for example and causing problems in response. So it looks like more simplified chatbots are more successful presently and that is exactly why technology companies need to use chatbots.


Having your marketing agency or robot development agency build a simple chatbot that is specifically designed to deliver responses that nurture your website prospect through the funnel is all that is needed.


In many cases, you can anticipate what questions would be asked by taking control of the conversation and presenting options that enable the technology company to drive interaction and increase conversions by up to 100%.


Right now, that’s reason enough, AI seems to be too infantile to deliver perfect experiences, so that gives an opportunity to deliver the perfect experience at this stage of development.


Make no mistake, humans realise when they have a bot presenting answers and therefore don’t try and be too clever to hide the chatbot, let it be seen for what it is and when the technology develops, redevelop your chatbot.


For more information into how and why technology companies need to use chatbots, why not speak to us and try our jump start package which promises to close more leads.



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BY Paul Sullivan



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