BNM Analytics B2B Inbound Case Study

Innovative experiential B2B marketing strategy - Content and Tech

The Background

BNM Analytics is a consulting firm focused on process automation with the use of AI set up by Burint Bevis. They particularly focus on fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) firms around the world, optimising the use of data or automating manual processes.

The problem

Their goal was to razor focus on their buyer persona, the CTO or Head of Analytics, and educate them on how the use of AI would improve ROI on data or by automating manual processes.

The requirement

BNM as a new company really needed to differentiate itself from their competitors. As most companies are already using content marketing to position themselves strategically as the “problem solvers” through educational content it’s hard to break through the noise. 

We needed to define a way to do this to give immediate impact and value to their target audience.

Thoroughly impressed by BIAS, they really understand how to build tools to engage prospects.

Burint Bevis
Burint Bevis, MD BNM Analytics

Our results

Whilst putting together the content strategy we identified where a good checklist would fit into the process which was designed to help the target persona identify if their organisation was ready for digital transformation or automation. This sparked a lightbulb moment.

We had recently designed and built a customised continual professional development platform (CPD) for another client which prompted an idea to create an experience within the B2B marketing strategy.

Many of us have completed those questionnaires where the questions are marked 1-6 with 1 being least likely and 6 being most likely. Well, we took this idea and the need for a checklist and created a platform that uses a quiz to help the persona establish where their business is and receive advice on what they could do based on the results of the quiz.

This is presented visually and then emailed to the persona giving the business visibility on a potential lead and where they are in their journey. Enabling BNM to outreach and have a clear understanding of where they can be helpful to the prospect prior to starting a conversation.

We then linked HubSpot to the output-triggering workflows to nurture the prospect down the funnel.

What we learned

From the client's answers to the assessment, BNM were able to learn how different businesses view the same problem as well as how to personalise the outreach of their sales approach.

By enabling the use of an interactive tool, website traffic increased, the pipeline increased and we have gone on to use this as a basis for other projects with similar requirements.

Check out this video from Neil Patel, a well-respected digital marketer and agency owner, he released this video in January 2022 and suggests the strategy we used with BNM Analytics is the go-to for an SEO alternative.


Further innovation

This initial platform inspired BNM to create two further platforms that connect to the questionnaire. 

The first enables the persona to list the processes that the organisation wishes to automate and prioritise them on a .csv file by importance and urgency. They can then upload that to this platform which produces a graph and roadmap for the company to follow.

Further innovation

As a recently delivered solution, we are currently monitoring the success of the platforms and their adoption. However, early feedback is that BNM is in talks with new opportunities, so the early signs are good.

Again, this type of solution is innovative, tech-driven is a hallmark of BIAS and we love working with companies that really do embrace technology and use it for its best case. We will take learnings from this and apply them to future customers, down the line.

The final platform is a project planner, where the persona can design their project roadmap.

Each platform sends the data to the prospect, building a very clear picture of how engaged the prospect is with the process and BNM. The resulting activity is recorded in the contact record in HubSpot enabling us to create a lead-generating experience tied into a platform pipeline.

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