Custom HubSpot Toolkit Integration

BNM Analytics Case Study

Company Profile

BNM Analytics is a consulting firm focused on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with AI. They particularly focus on fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) firms worldwide, optimising data use or automating manual or repetitive processes.



325% increase in dwell time on the website



26% increase in sales conversions

The Approach

Whilst putting together the content strategy, we concluded that checklists were overdone and people don’t want to exchange details for them. We needed something that would fit into the process, which was designed to help the target persona identify if their organisation was ready for digital transformation or automation. This sparked a lightbulb moment.

We had recently designed and built a customised continual professional development platform (CPD) for another client, which prompted an idea to create an experience within the B2B marketing strategy.

Many of us have completed those questionnaires where the questions are marked 1-6 with 1 being least likely and 6 being most likely. Well, we took this idea and the need for a checklist and created a platform that uses a quiz to help the persona establish where their business is and receive advice on what they could do based on the results of the quiz.

This is presented visually and then emailed to the persona giving the business visibility on a potential lead and where they are in their journey. Enabling BNM to outreach and have a clear understanding of where they can be helpful to the prospect prior to starting a conversation.

We then linked HubSpot to the output-triggering workflows to nurture the prospect down the funnel.

Our clients feedback

Thoroughly impressed by BIAS, they really understand how to build tools to engage prospects
Burint Bevis
Burint Bevis, MD - BNM Analtics