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B2B Fintech Platform goes all-in with BIAS

Moving HubX Capital from Pipedrive to HubSpot and beyond

The Background

HubX is revolutionising the structured finance/syndicated loan space with their Arranger product, designed to help multiple parties manage their collaborative deal flow on fundraises and investments.

The Problem

Initially, HubX wanted to transfer their CRM from Pipedrive to HubSpot as they moved into a larger sales platform. In addition, the Drift conversational marketing platform required integration to HubSpot too. Finally, to set up reporting in HubSpot that enabled the business to track deals, leads and paid marketing activities.


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Stage one required full mapping of custom fields in HubSpot to match Pipedrive and then to migrate the data in full. Stage two was to fully integrate Drift conversational chat playbooks with goals into HubSpot to kick off email workflows to continue nurturing prospects along the funnel. Stage three was to ensure all reporting is fully set up.

“The difference with Paul at Bias is that not only does he understand the what and why but he also knows the right way to deploy the tech to get the best result”

Ray De Silva, CCO Hubx


A three-month project to complete the full requirement was set up. The CRM move took a little under two weeks to complete which was not the main issue. The setup of Hubspot and the integration of Drifts playbooks required more work as custom attributes in Drift and custom fields in HubSpot needed completing.

In addition to mapping and setting up fields in both platforms, breaking down the chat playbooks in Drift and applying best practices took three weeks. Once we had this down, we rebuilt part of the playbooks before ensuring the automation of completed actions kicked off HubSpot workflows.

We finalised the reporting requirements in Hubspot in two weeks, which has now led to further works to rebrand the business and rebuild the website, currently underway. In addition to this, we have now been retained to execute the inbound marketing strategy whilst helping develop the knowledge base.


HubX is in a transitional period. We are closely working on current requirements but we are also leaning into their adoption of a product-led growth model.

All of our current implementations and strategies are designed to support this move and work in a budget-friendly way to achieve the desired results.

By gearing up smaller milestones to deliver a greater result, we have aligned our growth strategy to their development roadmap, building trust and showing leadership as and when required.


In December 2021 we finalised the launch of the new HubX website (for a look at the older version click here). 

Originally designed to the traditional "design and deliver" approach to web design, we pivoted to a growth-driven design method and initially delivered a launchpad one-page type site before building out further pages.

It's now up to the team to monitor and further adapt the design to how the website visitors interact with the website.

These projects of multiple scopes are the ideal projects for our team as they test us to be vigilant, creative, budget manage and project manage, whilst working in a highly collaborative team environment. We look forward to a long and productive relationship with HubX.

Lionesa HubSpot CMS

Lionesa HubSpot CMS Website Case Study

Award-winning multi-language website for Portugal's leading provider of workspace on HubSpot CMS

The Background

Lionesa is Portugal's answer to WeWork. However, we feel WeWork could take a lesson or two from Lionesa in terms of facilities both professionally as well as personally. Based on Porto’s sunshine coast in easy reach of the airport and the beach, it’s a perfect blend of culture, commerce and community.

The Problem

Lionesa had one goal, which was to upgrade their company website and provide a new look and feel that said big business, but promoted a sense of community and inclusion. The website also had to show that Lionesa provides space for the world's leading brands, but is fully encompassing smaller businesses too. In addition to the workspaces, Lionesa has a curious blend of culture, art, culinary experience and roving green spaces before you get to the local beach. All of this had to come across in the design and content.


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Lionesa needed a company that could listen to their needs and requirements and also give them new perspectives and opinions. It wasn’t a simple case of redesign and delivery, but to really dive under the lid and provide advice on how they can move forward, with a future-thinking focus.

“BIAS is the new standard of excellence we look for in our agency partners.”

Eduarda Pinto, Chief Marketing Officer


To this end, we suggested that they move away from WordPress and take a look at the HubSpot CMS which would come with an inbuilt CRM, email marketing and chatbot functionality. A security-focused platform with multi-language capability is an ideal solution that gives full control of the digital experience back to the company.

In addition, Lionesa had considered a membership site and by choosing to start with the HubSpot Pro CMS, once they are comfortable with that solution, they can upgrade at any point in time to the enterprise CMS and build that functionality at a later date.

The site also includes an API integration to allow residents to check if they qualify for benefits via the Hello Card provided by Lionesa. As not all benefits require checking, we built a flexible, easy to use modular system that allows the team to pick and choose as necessary which benefits apply the check. Executing a platform for future growth and development.


This project was our first multi-language project and our experience has mainly been with WordPress. Although HubSpot CMS is also a low-code option for website building, we felt for Lionesa’s situation, a professional CMS and CRM with added functionality were better suited.

This analysis has proven itself to be the ideal solution, although the team at Lionesa made the journey easy as they analysed the proposal heavily before committing. However, once the decision was made, they were super supportive and the collaboration on the project has been easy.

The team at BIAS loved this project, helping a business change its focus and operational model through innovation and technology shows us in our best light. We hope to continue our relationship with the company as they continue to grow and develop their marketing and sales strategy.

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BNM Analytics B2B Inbound Case Study

Innovative experiential B2B marketing strategy - Content and Tech

The Background

BNM Analytics is a consulting firm focused on process automation with the use of AI set up by Burint Bevis. They particularly focus on fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) firms around the world, optimising the use of data or automating manual processes.

The Problem

Their goal was to razor focus on their buyer persona, the CTO or Head of Analytics, and educate them on how the use of AI would improve ROI on data or by automating manual processes.


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BNM as a new company really needed to differentiate itself from their competitors. As most companies are already using content marketing to position themselves strategically as the “problem solvers” through educational content it’s hard to break through the noise. 

We needed to define a way to do this to give immediate impact and value to their target audience.

“Thoroughly impressed by BIAS, they really understand how to build tools to engage prospects.”



Whilst putting together the content strategy we identified where a good checklist would fit into the process which was designed to help the target persona identify if their organisation was ready for digital transformation or automation. This sparked a lightbulb moment.

We had recently designed and built a customised continual professional development platform (CPD) for another client which prompted an idea to create an experience within the B2B marketing strategy.

Many of us have completed those questionnaires where the questions are marked 1-6 with 1 being least likely and 6 being most likely. Well, we took this idea and the need for a checklist and created a platform that uses a quiz to help the persona establish where their business is and receive advice on what they could do based upon the results of the quiz.

This is presented visually and then emailed to the persona giving the business visibility on a potential lead and where they are in their journey. Enabling BNM to outreach and have a clear understanding of where they can be helpful to the prospect prior to starting a conversation.

We then linked HubSpot to the output triggering workflows to nurture the prospect down the funnel.

Further innovation

This initial platform inspired BNM to create two further platforms that connect to the questionnaire. 

The first enables the persona to list the processes that the organisation wishes to automate and prioritise them on a .csv file by importance and urgency. They can then upload that to this platform which produces a graph and roadmap for the company to follow.

Further innovation

As a recently delivered solution, we are currently monitoring the success of the platforms and their adoption. However, early feedback is that BNM is in talks with new opportunities, so the early signs are good.

Again, this type of solution, innovative, tech-driven is a hallmark of BIAS and we love working with companies that really do embrace technology and use it for its best case. We will take learnings from this and apply it to future customers, down the line.

The final platform is a project planner, where the persona can design their project roadmap.

Each platform sends the data to the prospect, building a very clear picture of how engaged the prospect is with the process and BNM. The resulting activity is recorded in the contact record in HubSpot enabling us to create a lead generating experience tied into a platform pipeline.


Check out this video from Neil Patel, a well respected digital marketer and agency owner, he released this video in January 2022 and suggests the strategy we used with BNM Analytics is the go-to for an SEO alternative.



BIAS Generates 300 leads in 10 weeks

Automated LinkedIn prospecting yields 300 leads in 10 weeks during COVID

The Background

Digital BIAS often likes to be our own best case study, testing out strategies and theories on our own business before applying them to our clients. When COVID struck, we opted to defer writing content and start reaching out to help people overcome the lead gen issues they believed they now faced.

The Problem

The problem was that everyone was now focused on LinkedIn and cutting through the noise was becoming increasingly difficult. Moreso, there was a lot of bad automated spam going on and everyone suddenly became a LinkedIn marketing expert. This impacted agencies negatively. However, like most, BIAS still needed it's own pipeline to keep it moving.


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We needed to test our theory that in some market conditions, you need to buck the trend and do the opposite of what everyone else does. So we used our in-house LinkedIn tool to SELL on LinkedIn, not market.

“My gut said that everyone would be writing content on LinkedIn, I decided to sell help for a very specific problem.”

Paul Sullivan


I decided to use the LinkedIn platform to SELL help in the form of marketing strategy for COVID situations which resulted in 300 leads in 10 weeks with 80 booked appointments. This resulted in an additional 9 clients for BIAS in Marketing, CRM and Website projects. The total revenue in excess of £100,000.

SOLACE WordPress Solution

Solace WordPress Multi-Platform & Custom Integration Case Study

A custom-designed WordPress solution for a leading Public Sector Membership Organisation

The Background

The Society of Leaders and Chief Executives (Solace) is the UK’s leading membership network for the public sector and local government professionals. They currently represent over 1600 members across the UK, and have regional branches across the country which play host to a number of events such as regional development days, skills days and networking opportunities.

The Problem

The initial set of challenges was around a redesign of the company website driven by a program of new technology, primarily focused around Salesforce and its integrated technologies; Fonteva, Salesforce Lightning, Bullhorn. 

In addition to this, the business had several websites for different divisions of the business that were being replaced by the new software that also needed integration and taking offline.


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The initial set of challenges were around a redesign of the company website driven by a program of new technology, primarily focused around Salesforce and its integrated technologies; Fonteva, Salesforce Lightning, Bullhorn. 

In addition to this, the business had several websites for different divisions of the business that were being replaced by the new software that also needed integration and taking offline.

Fonteva has a front-end website editor that is sold as being fully customisable but actually lacks in many areas. The inability of the platform to provide an adequate or reasonable solution forced SOLACE to find a partner to develop a separate website that could then integrate to the required software.

In addition to the Fonteva issue, SOLACE had three websites, one for each aspect of the business:

  • Main Website
  • Events Website
  • Recruitment Website

Each had been built by different agencies and none played nicely with each other. The solution had to combine these sites into one website and integrate the software solutions.

“You never know what you're going to get in a tender process and I'm really happy that we chose BIAS.”

Stephen Chambers


After completing our initial analysis and coming up to speed on the Salesforce solutions, we presented a WordPress led solution. The ease of WordPress and its familiarity with SOLACE meant that there were no adoption issues to be planned for.

As part of the redesign, we updated the look and feel of the incumbent website, but kept a design that typical website users wouldn’t find incredibly different and fitting to expectation.

Integrating Fonteva to WordPress

We integrated Fontevas registration and sign-on sequence into the WordPress design and masked URLs to ensure a smooth transition for users. By customising the limited page and menu features to match those of our updated WordPress design, users have a seamless transition between platforms.

Integrating Bullhorn to WordPress

Bullhorn is a native integration to Salesforce as a recruitment tool. SOLACE adopted this as a replacement for their incumbent WordPress solution. Whilst scoping this part of the project we learned that a 3rd party agency was custom building micro-sites to showcase executive recruitment on behalf of SOLACE.

Whilst we weren’t privy to the financials we did present a new solution that would bring that capacity in-house and potentially save money in the longer term. We proposed to use WordPress’s multi-site feature and build three fully customisable templates that the internal recruitment team could use to build the microsites going forward.

Once this was signed off, we integrated Bullhorn to the microsites via webhooks ensuring that any applications for posted jobs are smoothly transitioned into the Salesforce/Bullhorn CRM.

Further Innovation

After delivering on the initial request, SOLACE asked if we could help with a custom-designed Continuing Professional Development (CPD) platform. We analysed the requirement and suggested that a single-session CPD service could be introduced to the new WordPress Solution and we were engaged to build and deliver the solution.

Currently, we are in the process of designing a Learning Management System (LMS) for SOLACE.


The team at BIAS learned a lot working with the numerous platforms. A number of custom integrations were required as well as working with the business to help them take more control of their digital presence. All of this whilst keeping budgets in mind and keeping the business’ needs at the forefront of our design thinking.

This project really engaged our thought processes and highlights again why as a technical delivery partner in web and customised web solutions, we focus on those companies that are looking at product-led solutions and being innovative in their respective industries.

We now have extensive experience in customising Salesforce solutions although we remain true to our HubSpot roots, we have learned that our pragmatic approach to planning technological solutions is a key strength and our contract with SOLACE has been extended for another year.


Simply Teeth Chatbot Case Study

479% ROI on the investment in 6 months

The Background

Simply Teeth Essex is a leading cosmetic dentist specialising in both private and national health patients in Seven Kings. Due to a mixed batch of results in their agency relationships we were asked to look into the issues and solve them.

The Problem

Even though they had produced a lot of content and spent a lot on ads, most of the content was unoptimised or cannibalised other content on the site.

In addition to this, there were no personas and no strategy around customer acquisition to see what channels were working and what weren't. What was plain to see was that they got a lot of traffic to the site, but a lot of that bounced.


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The requirement was to define the companies real audience and then find a solution to help segment and optimise the traffic. The two main solutions to promote being Invisalign and Waterlase.

“Wicked 76 conversions in the first 8 weeks, love it.”



After completing a mandatory buyer persona workshop with the team at Simply Teeth, we found the ideal persona Aesthetic Angela and tied that into the biggest revenue services. Those services are Invisalign a rapid fix alternative to traditional orthodontic braces and Waterlase, non-invasive treatment for gum disease.

By clearly defining the questions that are typically asked by this persona to the dental practitioners and carefully researched keyword searches, we were able to write copy and creative that attracted the traffic from Facebook and Instagram.

We initially installed Drift in live chat mode. Within hours, the surgery was receiving enquiries, requests to book and cancel appointments and specific service information requests.

At this point, we ramped up the activity to create a qualifying chatbot. The first thing we did was ensure that we understood if the user was a current or unregistered patient. If they are a registered patient the bot asks for name, email, date of birth, as the receptionist would do. Then it asks how it can help, by asking what is wrong before routing to the first available receptionist.

If it is a new registration, then the Drift CRM is attached to their internal CRM and a patient can register as a single person but also let the reception know they are registering a family via the chat sequence. Once the details are captured, the bot takes their email address and the reception reach out to book the first appointment.

We further scaled into service-specific chat workflows and this enabled users to ask the questions they needed without consultation and book a consultation when happy. 

The process in addition to the new inbound content we were writing produced a whopping 479% ROI on a six-month investment to the business.


What we learned here was to gun for the quick win. We used what metrics GA had for us as well as some predefined experience around conversational marketing and quickly established a way for the right traffic to communicate with the brand.

We pushed further learnings back as SEO and all those other issues whilst important would take time to resolve and the amount of traffic seemed the obvious place to start.

City Hypnosis B2C Inbound Marketing

City Hypnosis Case Study

An award-winning inbound marketing campaign in a brand new field.

The Background

Welcome to the City Hypnosis case study, a company we worked with, in 2017. The reason we chose this as a case study was that it was so left of field for us. Our typical clients come from financial services, business services, technology and real estate. However, one of our partner agencies was running the social media and they introduced them to us.

The Problem

The problem that City Hypnosis was suffering from was that it has been wholly reliant on a paid search strategy and it was no longer proving fruitful. In fact, they had seen around a 40% drop in bookings and a significant increase in cost per acquisition.

The social media was active but there was no content by way of blogs or lead magnets (ebooks etc). Our strategy was to suggest to add inbound marketing to the marketing stack and start to reduce costs on keywords by increasing the organic traffic. This would also help position City Hypnosis as an industry leader, which after an investigation was what other hypnotherapists are doing.

  • New approach
  • Eliminate rising PPC costs
  • Improve lack of sales
  • Content Strategy
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Hubspot
  • Organic Web Trac
  • Keyword Strategy


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To kick off the strategy we ran a buyer persona workshop which helped both parties establish an understanding of what an ideal customer looks like. We based this on the therapy service that was the most popular which was weight loss. City hypnosis offer 30+ therapy services.

We then performed in-depth keyword research around the service and presented our findings. The outcome from this enabled us to form a loose basis for a content-based strategy and ebook

Once we formed up the content plan, we liaised directly with the social media agency to bring them into the sharing strategy of the new content based campaign.

We on-boarded City hypnosis to Hubspot as a marketing automation platform and proceeded to set up the buyer personas, keywords, content titles, calls to action, landing pages, connect WordPress, email marketing, and list segmentation.

“BIAS reduced my ad spend whilst optimising keywords through SEO and content. I'd never considered content before and the award was a great achievement.”

Aaron Surtees, MD, CITY HYPNOSIS


After around a month City hypnosis were beginning to rank for the keywords associated with their brand as well as for the content campaign. Six weeks in we received an email from the company stating that Feedburner had ranked their blog as the 33rd best blog in their business category globally.

To follow up, we were recognised for our efforts in the Marketing, PR & Design Awards for Best Inbound Agency London 2017 and Best Campaign Mental Health – City Hypnosis 2017.


Although the awards success is always nice to achieve, we are prouder that we managed to have an impact in a field we had no prior experience within. Proving to us here at Bias Digital that by sticking to our proven in-house methodology, we can achieve success elsewhere.

Inbound Marketing is not a quick fix formula and the fact that this client also utilised paid search reinforces what we fundamentally believe here at Bias. This is that marketing and sales need multiple touchpoints like content, email, social, ebooks and the technology to give you a data-led picture of results.

Without data and automation results are difficult to measure and track where the best opportunities come from.


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