Project Background


Welcome to the CEME WordPress website case study. CEME is The Centre for Engineering & Mechanical Excellence and is an innovation centre based in East London. Bias delivered this WordPress website as a 3rd party outsource provider.


Bias Digital was hired as a subcontractor. The agency that hired us facilitated the Project Management role on this project and we worked on creative, visual content including SEO, code and delivery. CEME themselves hired another 3rd party to write copy and take responsibility for on-page content.


The Centre for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence (CEME) tendered the redesign of their company website. They were seeking a modern, responsive (mobile device friendly), solution for a website that had around 200 pages of content.


The current website had been built by two previous agency partners and as this had caused issues with maintenance and upkeep they outsourced the new project.


Bias Digital (then Modedaweb) was approached by an associate to work on the technical, design and delivery of the project as a sub-contractor.


Centre for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence


Requirements, Design & Development


The requirement for the new WordPress website was set. We were to design, deliver and maintain a responsive website that combined two previous WordPress websites. The events focused website as well as the main brochure website.


The platform also needed to be easily managed by the internal clients’ team.


  • Technically Optimised for Performance
  • Off Page Search Engine Optimisation
  • Deliver within 8 weeks
  • On Page Search Engine Optimisation
  • Mobile Friendly (Responsive)
  • £10,000 Budget

How We Delivered


Bias delivered this project with a team of three, a designer and two developers, although we did increase our content editors later in the project to 4 people.


We kicked off the project with a workshop, standard practice for Bias Digital. This brought all stakeholders together and cemented outlines and guidelines, operational responsibility and gathered input from all involved parties. We discussed who the ultimate end users were, what each department needed to say and distribute in the on-page content and also, what each individual felt about aesthetics and design.


Following this, we came away and returned with our presentation of where we wanted to begin the project with some rough wireframes and discussion on how we had reached our conclusion.


Based on the information we had gathered, we suggested uniform pages that could be used repetitively to help speed up delivery, but also make easy to use and manage internally, by having page templates. We did this using a page builder, drag and drop editor which is now a standard element within WordPress but was not at the time of delivery.


As there are around 80 localised pages for SEO, this made a lot of sense, although it wasn’t the only reason. Many of the internal pages had similar content and design requirements, so this approach was comprehensive and delivered results.


It also made it easy for CEME to call us back in at any time and update the page templates within the website or create newer page styles in the future.


What We Learned


The project suffered a problem with the server going down and the project being deleted unrecoverable. However, as we had simplified the process to templated style pages, we were able to bring in additional support for content admin and we only lost around 8 days of development time. This reinforced the decision to adopt this process in the first place.


We also learned a lot about collaborative project delivery and participation as we were initially delayed by late receipt of the written content. As a rule, we never set off in design without the required copy as guessing copy length with lorem ipsum often causes further issues with additional design changes.


  • Working collaboratively
  • Managing Delays
  • Structured Approach
  • Restructured Design Process
  • Multiple Stakeholder Management
  • Project Recovery

The Outcome


Bias now perform a robust and comprehensive process of project feedback to help us constantly improve our project management. This has enabled us to actively position ourselves for the size of the project we can feasibly manage but has opened up lots more collaborative works.


This project was delivered slightly late due to the server issues but the overall appearance and usability of the website are excellent. It’s clean, uses the brand colours sparingly but well to compliment the design and layout. A great project and by page number the largest we’ve delivered to date.