The Background


Welcome to the City Hypnosis case study, a company we worked with in 2017. The reason we chose this as a case study was that it was so left of field for us. Our typical clients come from financial services, business services, technology and real estate. However, one of our partner agencies was running the social media and they introduced them to us.


City Hypnosis


The Problem


The problem that City Hypnosis was suffering from was that it has been wholly reliant on a paid search strategy and it was no longer proving fruitful. In fact, they had seen around a 40% drop in bookings and a significant increase in cost per acquisition.


The social media was active but there was no content by way of blogs or lead magnets (ebooks etc). Our strategy was to suggest to add inbound marketing to the marketing stack and start to reduce costs on keywords by increasing the organic traffic. This would also help position City Hypnosis as an industry leader, which after an investigation was what other hypnotherapists are doing.


  • Lack of sales
  • New Approach
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Organic Web Traffic
  • Rising PPC Costs
  • Content Strategy
  • Hubspot
  • Keyword Strategy

The Requirement


To kick off the strategy we ran a buyer persona workshop which helped both parties establish an understanding of what an ideal customer looks like. We based this on the therapy service that was the most popular which was weight loss. City hypnosis offer 30+ therapy services.


We then performed in-depth keyword research around the service and presented our findings. The outcome from this enabled us to form a loose basis for a content-based strategy and ebook.


Once we formed up the content plan, we liaised directly with the social media agency to bring them into the sharing strategy of the new content based campaign.


We on-boarded City hypnosis to Hubspot as a marketing automation platform and proceeded to set up  the buyer personas, keywords, content titles, calls to action, landing pages, connect WordPress, email marketing, and list segmentation.


Glowing Results


After around a month City hypnosis were beginning to rank for the keywords associated with their brand as well as for the content campaign. Six weeks in we received an email from the company stating that Feedburner had ranked their blog as the 33rd best blog in their business category globally.


To follow up, we were recognised for our efforts in the Marketing, PR & Design Awards for Best Inbound Agency London 2017 and Best Campaign Mental Health – City Hypnosis 2017.


City Hypnosis App


What We Learned


Although the awards success is always nice to achieve, we are prouder that we managed to have an impact in a field we had no prior experience within. Proving to us here at Bias Digital that by sticking to our proven in-house methodology, we can achieve success elsewhere.


Inbound Marketing is not a quick fix formula and the fact that this client also utilised paid search reinforces what we fundamentally believe here at Bias. Which is that marketing and sales need multiple touchpoints like content, email, social, ebooks and the technology to give you a data-led picture of results.


Without data and automation results are difficult to measure and track where the best opportunities come from.


Best Campaign Mental Health 2017 Marketing, PR & Design Awards