Simply Teeth Cosmetic Dentist in Essex were suffering from a problem of agencies that committed a great deal but had delivered relatively mixed results (Dr Sunny Sihra).


Knowing that the company had invested in its digital marketing and paid search campaigns we saw an opportunity to reduce ad spend and increase targeted traffic using a persona led inbound marketing campaign.


In addition to this we discussed introducing Drift to enable a better customer experience and a qualified online sales process.


Furthermore we also showed how we could simplify patient registration, enable online bookings by customers and all around improve the overall shape of the future marketing and sales strategy.

Wicked!! 76 Conversions In The First 8 weeks, Love It!!

After completing a mandatory buyer persona workshop with the team at Simply Teeth, we found the ideal persona Aesthetic Angela and tied that into the biggest revenue services. Those services are Invisalign a rapid fix alternative to traditional orthodontic braces and Waterlase, a non invasive treatment for gum disease.


By clearly defining the questions that are typically asked by this persona to the dental practitioners and carefully researched keyword searches, we were able to write copy and creative that attracted the traffic from Facebook and Instagram.


We initially installed Drift in live chat only mode, within hours, the surgery was receiving enquiries, requests to book and cancel appointments and specific service information requests.


At this point, we ramped up the activity to create a qualifying chatbot. The first thing we did was ensure that we understood if the user was a current or unregistered patient. If they are a registered patient the bot asks for name, email, date of birth, as the receptionist would do. Then it asks how it can help, by asking what is wrong before routing to the first available receptionist.


If it is a new registration, then the CRM is attached to their internal CRM and a patient can register as a single person but also let the reception know they are registering a family via the chat sequence. Once the details are captured, the bot takes their email address and the reception reach out to book the first appointment.


Based on an average value of £2750 per new client,  and £209,000 return on their investment or 479% ROI.