Custom Continuous Professional Development Platform (CPD) WordPress

Solace Case Study

Company Profile

The Society of Leaders and Chief Executives (Solace) is the UK’s leading membership network for the public sector and local government professionals. They currently represent over 1600 members across the UK and have regional branches across the country, which play host to a number of events such as regional development days, skills days and networking opportunities.



Weeks from concept to delivery



Uptake from members of SOLACE

The Approach

Firstly we analysed how easy it would be to build the assessment without it being a WordPress plugin which we resolved.

We then had to integrate the platform into the current website whilst ensuring that those who completed the assessment had a copy of their performance report attached to their profile.

Finally, we had to design the user experience to show progress for the assessee and keep it clean and simple, in line with the current UX.


The team at BIAS learned a lot working with SOLACE on this project and has gone on to further develop the idea for other use cases for clients in Tech and Consulting.

Our ability to think like the customer, manage the projects like a product manager and product marketer and deliver like a DevOps team has made us a go-to choice for custom apps on WordPress and HubSpot.

Our clients feedback

Paul is a natural leader with great communication skills, a sharp mind, and good business sense. I find Paul's style refreshing - I know what I'm going to get with him, and that's considered advice and support that's been tailored to the needs of our business.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Paul to prospective clients; he's been invaluable to Solace over the years.
Victoria Barton Rosenthal
Victoria Barton-Rosenthal, Strategic Marketing Manager - Solace