Digital marketing for the wine industry


Digital marketing for the wine industry



Whilst recently researching trends in digital marketing for the wine industry, we concluded that many wine brands are clearly not engaging with the latest, or in some cases any, current digital marketing trends or activities. Over the last few years, there has been an explosion in marketing mediums, notably with many in and around the social media arena where many brands either choose not to or simply have no interest in engaging with them and in turn their customers and the wider public.


With such an emphasis on consumer engagement, data, ROI, brand awareness and the list goes on, is it foolish or futile by choosing to abstain.


Many marketing experts would simply baulk at the idea of not participating, for some wine brands it may be easier to focus on traditional methods of getting produce to market such as the large expo’s as vinitaly where buyers from around the world come purchase masses of branded wine. Rather than go through the lengthy and sometimes costly process of engaging a brand advocate in the form of a marketing agency.


But let me ask you this…


Whilst traditional methods of marketing wines will always be around, are the brands shirking their responsibility by relying on the distributors to simply do the sales-end marketing and consumer engagement?



Recently, we engaged a potential client who in this case was the wife of the business owner of a major wine importer to the UK from around the world. She had a problem and that was that she was not converting her heavier traffic to her site in the age range of 18-25 and was wondering why this was happening, in fact, she is only converting 12/400 in that age range per month.


Being readily tech savvy and admitting following several leading bloggers, columnists and social media advocates all focusing on wine and the way we engage with the brands, she has drawn a conclusion that marketing for wine simply isn’t pitched to that age group.


We see all forms of alcohol pitched on TV, Guinness, Beer, Scotch, Pimms etc. but bar a recent Matteus advert what else do you remember seeing. Wine is attached to a lifestyle and should wine brands be pitching to the lifestyle or finding a language to talk to the millennials that have become their consumers?


Above all else consumers want education around the brands they engage with, so let me ask you this.


Just what is up with digital marketing for the wine industry? And just what should brands do to aid in the sale of their products?


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By Paul Sullivan

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