B2B or B2C, ultimately it's all people buying products and services. What you need are people that understand how to buy other people smartly that inturn purchase your goods.


Digital BIAS has over 15 years of experience designing and building eCommerce websites for both b2b and b2c businesses. We can include brand names like Adidas and Sky amongst past clients as well as global B2B brands like SWEPCO.

It’s not just our ability to build an eCommerce platform that wins us your business, it’s our passion and thought processes around customer acquisition that help seal the deal. Our ability to navigate through business channels and customer audiences delivering high-yield results ensure your ongoing success.


Our customers selling online operate in a range of different industry sectors; not just fashion, but B2B retail, home improvements and manufacturing as well as online education. Couple this with our experience of subscription-based marketing for SaaS platforms and financial services, we collate all of that experience to find routes to success previously unexplored.

In addition to our powerful toolkit around HubSpot, we also have our own unique media buying algorithm that enables us to use AI to optimise your spending and results by up to 40% improvement. Couple this with the added ability to buy directly digital out of home and build audiences other agencies simply cannot and it’s a formidable value proposition well worth exploring.

I'd known Paul for years before finding out that he had a digital agency business. I've been driving a black cab for years and had a jewellery business on the side. About 3 years ago I decided to put more focus on this and approached Paul for help. His guidance and ideas on how to bring my complex technical requests to action were really great as has been his post-delivery support. My website is a woocommerce website that has a design your own wedding ring module, that also takes a live feed of the daily precious metals price and reprices the products accordingly. I've now started with HubSpot for e-commerce and am working with BIAS to educate myself and drive traffic to the website using the inbound methodology. I'd definitely recommend talking to them about marketing and web design if you need an agency to help.




Here at Digital BIAS, we have around 15 years of eCommerce experience of which we are extremely proud. Having worked with some of the biggest established and rising brands, we bring a depth of knowledge that bridges B2B and B2C.

With deep experience of custom-built solutions as well as being official partners with Shopify and recognised WooCommerce developers, we also develop in Magento.

For us, it's not so much the cart that you use, it's how you intend to power the transactions with marketing automation technology as well as paid marketing activities.

If your plan for success intends to or already combines these three requirements, we would love to speak to you about your business. simply book an audit across the page to move forward.


New Leads in X months for Company
New Leads in X months for Company
New Leads in X months for Company
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