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FinTech Marketing – it’s a specialist job

One of the problems with many advertising agencies is their willingness to work with any client from any industry. They may be experts in marketing disciplines, but are they experts in marketing to your industry?


All too often large agencies trade on their reputation, rather than their specialist knowledge of the industries they are chosen to represent.


FinTech marketing really is a specialist job


In the same way, you wouldn’t let a mechanic manage an investment fund, you shouldn’t let an agency with no experience of FinTech manage your inbound marketing campaigns. Compliance frameworks and legal requirements take years to master but remain essential to keeping campaigns credible.


Because without an in-depth understanding of financial and technology issues, it is impossible to properly identify the pain points of customers. And being that inbound marketing campaigns are built on delivering content that addresses those pains, non-specialist agencies (and their clients) are at an immediate disadvantage.


An in-depth understanding of subject matter is also crucial to helping translate complex concepts into easily digestible, compelling content. Because without a proper understanding of a subject, it is impossible to simplify details accurately.


But as Albert Einstein once cautioned, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”, which is where genuine, hands-on industry experience helps to define the limits. Your marketers need to carefully tread the line between helping and patronising potential customers – get it wrong and your campaigns could do more harm than good.


The only occasion when FinTech naivety helps


Generally, a lack of specialism in FinTech issues is a massive barrier to success. But when it comes to the creative aspects of advertising, a lack of experience allows ideas to flourish, often resulting in marketing materials that break convention and are truly memorable.


But is this justification alone for hiring a reputation-based agency to handle inbound marketing campaigns? Absolutely not.


A multi-skilled team is most important


When choosing an inbound marketing agency, you should obviously prioritise one that has at least some FinTech industry experience. However, it is equally important that your chosen agency has enough creativity to come up with marketing collateral and campaigns that stand out from all the other content out there.


Here at Bias Digital, we are extremely proud of our experience. Our consultants have worked with some of the biggest names in the financial services industry (J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, UBS, Morgan Stanley, Mizuho and Commerzbank to name but a few), so our clients benefit from our ability to quickly understand their product and service offerings.


But we also rely on consultants with traditional digital marketing experience who have the ability to approach complex, dry subject matter and turn them into exciting and relevant inbound campaigns. As a result, Bias Digital can create and deliver original and inspiring campaigns that feed directly into the needs of your customers.


In-depth industry experience and genuine creativity – a match made in marketing heaven.


Ready to learn more about what we can do for your FinTech business? Give the Bias Digital team a call today on 0203 637 4426.


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