10 great examples of fintech webdesign


10 great examples of fintech webdesign

I’ve found 10 great examples of fintech webdesign. As with all businesses these days, the internet plays a huge part in the promotion of your company locally nationally and globally. Couple your website with SEO social media content strategy and paid search, it’s important that you optimise your website technically as well as for converting traffic once you get them there.


I score points for:



  • Page Size
  • Page Requests
  • Page Speed
  • Browser Caching
  • Page Redirects
  • Compression
  • Render Blocking


MOBILE 30 Points

  • Responsive Design


SEO 30 Points

  • Page Titles
  • Meta Description
  • Headings
  • Sitemap


SECURITY 10 Points

  • SSL Certificate



These points can all be scored using a website grader like Hubspots, you should use this when your web developer asks you to sign off their handiwork. If your fintech webdesign is not up to scratch, get them to fix it for maximum opportunity.


Now I add my own points of conversion to the mix so that we can properly evaluate who has not just optimised their fintech website properly, but who has been forward looking and also carries:



  • A Blog
  • Landing Pages
  • Content Offers
  • Calls To Action
  • Content Personalisation
  • Exit Intent Pop Ups
  • Email/Newsletter Sign Up
  • Live Chat


A well optimised fintech website with as many of these conversion opportunities as feasibly possible would have a major head start over rivals offering the same products and services.

The best fintech webdesign



Insly are a software solution provider (instech) for the insurance industry. They have a simple clean standard parallax website, which has a simple menu and a huge call to action on the home page. The homepage contains a video which is playable by clicking the play icon centre screen.


Their overall graded score was 89, made up of 24 for performance, 30 for mobile responsive, 30 for SEO and 10 for security.


Their overall CRO score was 50 made up of 10 for Blog, 10 for Calls to Action, 10 for exit intent pop up, 10 for email/newsletter sign up and 10 for live chat.




Growth Street are a provider of business finance. They too have a clean feel to their homepage with simple menu and video background. They have a clear call to action with their green get started button and the white sign up for free button top right.


Again it’s a clean parallax scrolling website and has clear data capture points.


This website graded overall 82. 12 points for performance so an improvement in that would certainly help. If you have a wordpress website try Jetpack or W3 Total Cache to help you. They score 30 respectively for mobile responsiveness, 25 for SEO and 10 for security, they also have an SSL certificate.


Under my CRO scoring system, they scored 50. Scoring 10 for the blog, 10 for Calls to action, 10 for exit intent pop-up, 10 for email signup form and 10 for live chat.




Neyber have a great product offering. They want to enable hard-working people access to fairer finance deals than traditional lenders. They have clear calls to action and a very simple menu letting you know exactly what you need to do wherever you are on the website. They also have content offers and clear messaging.


Their website graded 79. They scored 19 for performance, 30 for mobile responsiveness, 20 for SEO and 10 for security.


For CRO they scored 50. 10 for the blog, 10 for landing pages, 10 for content offers, 10 calls to action and 10 for email/newsletter sign up.




Monese. Digital bank account providers for the tech trusting savvy financiers amongst us. Operating with a contactless debit card that can be topped up and have deposits at any stores that provide PayPoint facilities.


Again we see the ever present parallax one page scrolling homepage with a simple menu. This website has clean calls to action and explains its value proposition clearly as you move down the page.


The website grades a 94 overall. They score 24 for performance, 30 for responsiveness, 30 for SEO and 10 for security.


For CRO they score 40. 10 for a blog, 10 for calls to action, 10 for exit intent and 10 for email sign up.




The PayPro offer international payments service for professionals, micro and small businesses in 25 currencies reducing standard charges from banks by up to 90%. The website is easy to navigate and utilises a parallax scrolling design with inlaid video.


The website scores 84 for overall performance. 24 for performance, 30 for mobile responsive, 30 for SEO and 10 for security.


In CRO the website scores 40 overall. 10 for a blog, 10 for calls to action, 10 for email sign up and 10 for livechat.




Masabi concentrate on organising your travel tickets in major cities around the world. They use a mobile app and integrated payments to allow you to prepay for your travel. They aim to be the future of mobile ticketing.


This website overall grades 79. Scoring 19 for performance, 30 for mobile responsive and 30 for SEO.


Their CRO score is 40. Scoring 10 for the blog, 10 for content offers, 10 for calls to action and 10 for email sign up.




Calastone provide transaction and data services to the investment fund industry. Their simple design and layout makes it easy for a visitor to digest the information presented and have time to peruse at leisure.


This website grades a 74. Performance is 24, responsive design gives them 30 points, they have a poor 10 for SEO and 10 for security.


Again if this is a wordpress website, look at installing Yoast or WordPress SEO plugins and utilise the easy to follow steps to increase your score.


For CRO they also score 40 points. 10 for a blog, 10 for content offers, 10 for calls to action and 10 for email sign up.




Not so sharp on the design on this website. The graphics could be sharper and the white on blue text background does work the eyes a little. However, the website is clear and they put their value proposition across easily.


Technically a 94 grade is brilliant. They rock all areas with maximum points in all but one and that was performance which scores 24/30. They score 30 for responsive, 30 for SEO and 10 for security.


Their CRO score could improve with a 30/80. Only easily finding a blog for 10 points, 10 for calls to action and 10 for live chat.




Etoro are a social trading platform where you can trade by copying the best traders in the community. With millions of people already following this type of activity who knows, it could be you.


This site looks clean and smooth, Its value proposition is clearly displayed with a clear call to action.


Scoring a grade of 94 overall, technically this site really is a beast. Scoring 24 for performance, 30 for responsive and 30 for SEO with a final 10 for security.


Their CRO is only 30. They scored 10 points each for a blog, calls to action and email signup.




Go Cardless are specialising in recurring payments allowing smaller businesses access to direct debit facilities. They have a clear clean design style with prominent calls to action utilising teh ever popular parallax style of website.


Their grade is 94. For performance 24, for responsive 30, for SEO 30 and for security 10.


For CRO they score 30 so could improve, 10 points for a blog, 10 for calls to action and 10 for email sign up.


The best fintech websites


These websites for technical capacity and points of conversion really are the best i’ve seen. There are a few others tieing for joint 10th place like lendinvest.com.


Good webdesign for me is not solely about User Experience although that should play a major part in this and maybe i’ll update this post with some help from a user experience expert in the near future. But right now these really are 10 great examples of fintech webdesign.



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