Going beyond blogging – how to turbocharge your inbound campaign


Going beyond blogging – how to turbocharge your inbound campaign

Going beyond Blogging


When first considering inbound marketing, it is easy to get side-tracked by statistics. After all, who wouldn’t want to see their website receive up to 15 times as much traffic as their non-blogging competitors?


But the reality is that a balanced inbound campaign is about a lot more than publishing a new blog post or two every week. There are other forms of content you need to produce in order to establish credibility and authority for your business.


Ebooks and white papers


We tend to believe that the modern web user has an attention span of two seconds or less, mainly because of the way that we all scan pages for relevant information. In fact, studies suggest that even 400 milliseconds is about as long as you can expect someone to look at your pages.


This belief in short attention spans stems from some confusion though.


People won’t wait for your pages to load for more than 400 milliseconds. But if the content is great, and grabs their attention, they will stay to read right to the end. Tapping into this willingness to read longer pieces, your content marketing plan should definitely make use of ebooks and white papers. Ebooks are the perfect lead generation tool, offering website visitors a substantial document of value in return for their contact details.


Infographics and presentations


Despite a love for actionable long content, a time-poor customer is often looking for quick answers to their questions. Infographics are a brilliant way to present facts and stats in a visually appealing way so the reader can absorb the details quickly and easily (and with minimum effort).


Infographics resonate with would-be clients because you have done the hard work of pulling together ‘tasty’ facts and figures from a range of sources. If they scan through the stats, they will also take in the call to action at the bottom.


Infographics also hugely popular for sharing on social media, helping to increase the audience for your content. The more people that see your content, the greater the potential return on your marketing investment.

One more thing…


Long-form content isn’t restricted to ebooks and white papers. Research conducted by Buzzsumo found that long articles receive more social shares than shorter blog posts. Articles that run to 10,000 words receive 150% more shares than those that come in under the 1000 wordmark. With this in mind, your marketing budget may be better spent on creating very long, very high-quality blog posts or vlog, than on the traditional sub-700 word effort. Ideally, though, your campaigns need to include all of these elements to create the variety and interest your target audience craves.


As you might expect, ebooks and infographics are time-consuming and complex – particularly if you lack the full range of skills to design and write high-quality collateral. Which is where Bias Digital can help – get in touch and let us help you build a more effective, balanced inbound marketing strategy and blogging capability.


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