How Inbound Marketing Benefits Your Business


How Inbound Marketing Benefits Your Business

How Inbound Marketing Benefits Your Business


Inbound marketing has been described as the most beneficial method of marketing for businesses online. In recent years it has become better known for being less expensive and aggressive than methods involving advertising or cold calling. HubSpot and other marketing automation platforms have made content marketing more popular for lead prospecting. The use of marketing automation makes it easier to guide leads through the sales funnel.


The Value of Content Marketing


Content marketing is more effective for lead prospecting and less expensive than traditional marketing techniques. Content has a much wider reach, and the audience comes to you. Anything that engages visitors on a blog or website can generate discussion and be shared via social media. When you service your audience with appropriate content, the relationship between them and your brand is greatly improved.


Content is at the top of the sales funnel, which marks a stage when potential customers are looking for the solution to a problem or a need. They find your content by seeking information that will educate them and guide them towards a solution for their needs.


At the outset, content is designed to attract targeted traffic and to lead into the middle of the sales funnel, where you capture information about visitors and turn them into leads.


In the middle of the sales funnel, prospects turn into leads when they move towards a commitment to pay for something that will resolve a particular problem or meet a need. Content used at this stage of the sales funnel is therefore critical in driving traffic to the bottom of the sales funnel, where a deal is closed. Effectively, it should take just a slight push to convert a lead into a paying customer.


Increase Conversion Rates with Marketing Automation


It’s wise to use marketing automation wherever possible to guide your prospects through the sales funnel more efficiently. You can test variables, integrate additional sales channels and personalise content so it is tailored to a particular audience sector. Automation lets you work with user profiles and send out offers based on analytics.


How to Justify Your Spend on Inbound Marketing


A 2012 review of HubSpot agency partners showed that the costs involved in inbound marketing per lead are 62% lower than outbound marketing methods. ROI for IM is also much better. Spending on IM has proved to be a great investment for many companies and the following case studies, verified by HubSpot, illustrate how the annual spend on IM is justifiable :


Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners


Previously a large proportion of the marketing budget for this UK-based company was paid to a web design agency. After taking back control, Inflexion-Point generated 50% of its new customers through IM.

  • As a direct result of content marketing, the company has seen a monthly increase of 400% in web traffic and a 34% conversion rate from landing pages.


Memphis Invest


Previously the website for this US-based firm ranked only in the top 4 million in the world. Since investing in IM, it is now ranked in the top 60,000 for the US and the top 300,000 in the world.

  • Inbound marketing has increased sales at Memphis Invest by 260%.




IM methods took the website of this IT management and consulting service to the first page in search results for the keyword ‘IT Due Diligence’. This was a huge jump from its previous position, around a hundred pages lower down – not to mention the conversion rate, which was sitting at just 3% back then!

  • As a result of IM, Paranet’s landing page conversions jumped to a rate of 33%, some even converting at 50%.




This IT consulting and management company previously had advertising spend of more than $36,000, but analytics revealed that over a year very few people who visited the site where NSK ads were placed had clicked on the link to NSK’s website.

  • Using IM methods, NSK has saved $18,000 and increased website traffic by more than 100%.


The Transparency of Inbound Marketing


A big advantage of using IM methods is in how easily they allow measurement and evaluation at every stage. When you can determine where improvements or modifications are necessary, you get greater leverage with your business planning and marketing strategies. This means you get maximum ROI and the amount you spend on IM is perfectly justified.


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