How to Get More Twitter Followers that Drive Traffic


How to Get More Twitter Followers that Drive Traffic

“Do you want to harness the power of Twitter to drive traffic to your blog?”


Twitter is the perfect amplifier for blogs. And no, just tweeting out links is not enough. The KEY is using Twitter well.


If you can do that, you can drive tons of traffic back to your blog.


It’s easier said than done. Many make the mistake of not understanding how Twitter works.


Today I’m going to share with you the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years. In fact, I’ve been on Twitter since 20th of March 2009:


Thankfully, Twitter has been useful to me. It’s still my #1 traffic generator.


To make it easy for you to take in, I’ve narrowed it down into two sections.


  1. The Twitter Foundation.
  2. The Twitter Tactics.


The mistake a lot of people make is going straight for the tactics before they put work into the foundation.


Like anything you do, you should always start with the foundation.


The foundation will set you on the right path to Twitter success. The tactics will only work if the foundation is solid.


Are you ready?


Let’s begin!


“Part 1: Master the Foundation of Twitter”


1. Get the Twitter basics right


Have you seen those Twitter profiles with egg pictures?


Those are the worst, aren’t they?


These people are too excited to tweet that they forgot to complete their profile.


Make sure your photo, bio, Twitter cover and everything else look perfect.


2. Master the 3P’s


The 3Ps of Twitter marketing is important. They keep your Twitter profile interesting.


The 3Ps sculpt your Twitter personality.


What are the 3Ps? They are:


  • Personal: Behind the scenes tweets, photos of selfies, or anything that showcases YOU. The human you.
  • Purpose: Tweets that add value. Retweets, blog posts you found useful, quotes, etc.
  • Promotional: Tweets that promote your business, your blog posts, etc.


Mastering the 3Ps is important. It can make you go from Twitter zero to Twitter hero.


Next, it’s all about finding that golden ratio. For me, I spread my promotional posts apart and put all my personal and purpose posts in between.


That way, I look more human.


As you can see here, my personal posts are engaging.


3. Get the right Twitter followers.


Getting Twitter followers is easy. Getting the right Twitter followers is an entirely different story.


While the best followers are those that follow you first, I’m not someone who loves to wait around for them to follow me.


I love to chase after them and follow them first. I recommend that you do the same.


My favorite people to follow are the sharers and chatters. These people spend a significant amount of time going through tweets and sharing it with their followers.


These are one of the most active people on Twitter. You would need to find people who share similar types of content to your blog and follow them.


You can also automate this task by using Social Quant and a combination of keywords. Social Quant will do the work for you.


4. Build relationship


The final part of this foundation is all about building a mutual relationship.


For example, if you get 20 new followers in a day, take a few quick minutes to tweet to them.


Chat and have a meaningful conversation with them.


On Twitter, this is so rare that people will appreciate you for it. It helps you be more memorable.


To do this you can:


  • Reply to their tweets
  • Retweet their tweets
  • Say HI!
  • Respond when they tweet you
  • Thank them when they retweet you
  • Simply be human


To this day, people tell me how refreshing it is to get a response from me.


Do this until you get your first 1,000 followers. They will be the foundation of your Twitter success.


If you can master the foundation of Twitter, you’re set up to move on two part two. Every tactic below will help you get even further and level up your Twitter game.


“Part 2: The Twitter Tactics”

You got new followers, what’s next? It’s time for the tactics to drive more traffic to your blog.


Here’s how.


  1. Use statistics and/or data in your headlines


People love statistics. Don’t we all?


If you’ve included any compelling stats in your blog post, use that as your headline instead of the typical headline that people share.


The stats will make your tweets stand out and grab people’s interest, and people are more likely to retweet that post because of those numbers.


Here’s a great example from Twitter: I’ve found that many will even retweet it without even reading your blog. They only want to share the stats and not the entire post.


  1. Pin a great tweet to the top of your profile page


Pinning your tweets is the holy grail of driving traffic back to your blog. If you look at your Twitter analytics, you’ll find that people are visiting your Twitter profile.


Don’t believe me? Here’s a look at my stats. Take advantage of this opportunity to drive traffic back to your blog by pinning your blog post.


Buffer’s Kevan Lee found that pinned tweets generated between five to ten times the amount of clicks.


  1. Capitalize on the blog URL


Fun fact, did you know you can include a blog URL in your Twitter bio and another URL in the URL section provided by Twitter?


I bet you didn’t. In fact, not many people know about this.


Take a look at Social Quant’s twitter bio.


For me, have one directing traffic back to my blog and another directing traffic to my Instagram account.


  1. Tweet at the right time


There is quite a lot of data which points at the best time to tweet. The only problem is it varies for different industries and your followers’ demographic.


Teens and young adults, for example, may be awake longer and at wee hours in the morning.


I’ve also found that my best time to tweet is different than many others.


To get you started, I recommend you test the timing based on Buffer’s research.


  • Los Angele (Pacific Time): 9:00 a.m.
  • Denver (Mountain Time): noon
  • Chicago (Central Time): noon
  • New York, Miami, etc. (Eastern Time): noon
  • Madrid, Paris, etc. (Central European): 4:00 p.m.
  • Cape Town, Helsinki, etc. (Eastern European): 8:00 p.m.
  • Sydney (Australian Eastern): 10:00 p.m.
  • Hong Kong (Hong Kong Time): 8:00 a.m.
  • Tokyo (Japan Time): noon
  • Shanghai, Taipei, etc. (China Time): 9:00 p.m.


Try the timing for a week then change it up. Post 30 minutes earlier. The following week, try 30 minutes later than the original schedule.


See what works for you.



  1. Retweet yourself on Twitter


Here’s something not many know. You can retweet yourself. Just go to your tweet and click the retweet yourself.


When you do that it will bring your tweet up to the top again looking fresh and new.


Retweeting yourself is a great strategy to get extra exposure. It pushes your tweet to the top again for those who missed it.


I retweet myself 50% of the time. Doing this allows me to get more exposure for my tweets and increase the number of retweets, likes, and traffic!


Here’s a before picture of the tweet before I retweeted myself.


Here’s the same tweet again.


It has 16 retweets more and over 37 more likes.


I do the same for all tweets and it helps bring more traffic in too.


  1. Tweet a few times


Since the noise ratio has increased, I recommend tweeting your promotional posts several times a day. For me, I could tweet up to 6 times a day for a new blog post. I’ll spread them out a few hours apart and I’ll definitely use different headlines and pictures.


That way it looks different and won’t look repetitive.


Your followers won’t be online 24/7, so doing this helps you reach people from different time zones.



  1. Tag people in your tweets


If you’ve included or quoted people in your tweets, tag them in your tweets. Instead of doing the usual tagging in tweets, upload a picture and tag them in that picture instead by clicking on “who’s in this photo”. See image below for a guide. That way, your tweets will look cleaner while still getting the benefits of getting exposure from those people.


  1. Recycle Tweets


Recycling tweets is a good way to generate traffic from old blog posts. Remember there’s a probability people have not seen those blog post yet.


My favourite way is to use Buffer’s “Re-Buffer” feature. You can access that through your Buffer analytics. There you’ll find the re-buffer button next to every tweet.


Click it, and you’re ready to go.


Summing up:


In order to be successful on Twitter, you need to make sure you’ve put time into building the foundation properly. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to grow a following and drive massive traffic back to your blog.


What about you? How are you using Twitter to drive traffic back to your blog?


Are there any other tips for that you’ve tried that you can share with us?


Oh, and if you found this blog post useful, don’t forget to share it with your Twitter followers!


And if you need help with your social drop us line.

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