How to Hire an Inbound Marketing Consultant in Essex

How to choose an Inbound Marketing Consultant in Essex

How to Hire an Inbound Marketing Consultant in Essex

Inbound marketing has proven to be one of the finest ways of attracting customers and growing your business for the best part of ten years now. Rather than running overly expensive ad campaigns and hoping for some worthwhile leads, inbound marketing uses strategies such as great web content to attract people to your business and what you have to offer.


If you are looking to improve your business, whether you’re based in Essex or beyond, then you may well benefit from the services of an inbound marketing consultant. However, in order to choose the right consultant to handle your marketing efforts there are a few points that are vital to bear in mind:


Meeting with potential consultants


One of the best ways of finding a consultant who has the right kind of experience, and understands the sector in which you operate, is to meet with them before you hire. Most good inbound marketing consultants offer some kind of free consultation, to begin with, and you can use this time to find out whether the person is a good fit for your business, and whether you think that you can work together.


Building a good relationship with your consultant is vital. You should feel some kind of connection with the prospective consultant and what they have to say. When you’re working with someone, you may not always agree on everything and you need to ascertain whether you think you can sustain a good working relationship with the person you eventually choose.


Doing your homework


Naturally, before meeting with an inbound marketing consultant, you should do your research. Professional consultants should have their own websites that detail their experience and provide testimonials from other companies that they have worked with in the past. Ideally, an inbound marketing consultant will have had at least some experience of working within your particular sector at some point in their career.


Take a look at projects they have worked on over the years and see whether they create content that is likely to attract your client base. When you are doing your homework, try to ensure that if you hire a particular consultant there will not be a conflict of interest between your company and others that may be on their books.


Project management


Another point to look out for is if the consultant demonstrates good project management skills. Have they managed to give previous clients a good return on their investment, or do those clients feel that they did not get good value for money?


The person you employ should be able to show the successful management of previous projects, which should also give you an indication of their people skills too. A good project manager will be able to fit in and manage things along with yourself and any other existing company members.


Their ability to multitask is also imperative to success, so question them on instances when they have had to juggle priorities in order to deliver a project on time. Try and find out if the consultant has got a solid network of freelancers behind them too, as this will also give you an indication on whether they can handle several aspects of a project at once.


Ask about their strategy


When you first meet with your prospective consultant, it’s a good idea to ask if they could give you some intimation of what their strategy might be for managing a project for your company. Look for specific industry knowledge and how they might use content, PPC and search engine optimisation to attract potential customers.


Choose an individual rather than an agency


Working with an individual rather than an agency will ultimately be more cost-effective for smaller businesses, but only if you make the correct decision in the first place.


Part of the work of a good inbound marketing consultant is to help enable you to do your own future marketing, this is a lot less likely to happen with an agency where you may not have the services of just one individual honing in on your targets.


When you choose a consultant rather than an agency to handle your inbound marketing you will be working together, which means you’ll have far more input into the effective marketing of your business. Learning what it takes to pull in the clients, rather than searching for them, is much more likely when you hire an effective, individual consultant.

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