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How to reach out on Twitter using Inbound Marketing in Financial Services

Why you should wave your content under your prospects nose. Inbound Marketing is a curious turn of phrase to most people outside of the USA, even those within the marketing industry. The basic premise is to woo your potential customers through your sales funnel with the process of the top of the funnel, middle of the funnel and bottom of the funnel content and content offers. In this post, we are going to tell you how to reach out on Twitter using Inbound Marketing in financial services.


The methodology works on the basis that you attract potential businesses or business decision makers from particular industries by producing written content that engages those individuals by talking to pain points that they may have. In short answering their questions before they’ve approached you to ask them, by putting information on the internet which can be found on search engines, but as pages on your company blog.


Catch their attention


Many Inbound agencies and consultants specialise in particular B2B industry sectors so that they can show expertise to the potential clients in that field.


Inbound teaches you to create multiple “buyer personas” based on the best or ideal clients already in your businesses database. This should enable you to create content that speaks directly to the pain points that would affect that personas daily work life – from the perspective of the services or products your own business provides.


The strategy, therefore, is to create engaging content in various formats to answer potential long tail keyword searches that those personas may make. For example, an FX broker may focus his efforts on B2B businesses in the import/export sector. Whilst doing this he may produce content around “How to source the best FX deals for your import export business” or “Why an Independent FX broker is better than a High Street Bank”.


These pieces of content are going to answer issues related to the solution of the business owner or finance director looking for options on better FX rates for their international import/export activities.


Show them you mean business


Inbound Marketing is about awareness, education and solution providing. But what if your ideal client misses that content, or it’s so new it isn’t ranking that well on the search engines?


As part of your strategy in your particular sector, you should research the companies that you believe your content solves issues for and identify those individuals that have the decision to purchase. Locate their twitter handles or groups on LinkedIn and reach out on Twitter using Inbound Marketing and share your content to those channels or twitter handles. Put your content right where they operate, that is why you are doing this isn’t it?


But that’s not Inbound Marketing


It is part of inbound, despite what you may think at first. You need to share your content on Twitter amongst other social platforms so why not ensure that your efforts aren’t wasted. In many cases, it’s about waving content under the nose of your targeted businesses and individuals.


If you are more proactive with your outbound methods incorporating inbound marketing you will strike the right balance, failing to find the individual can be solved by finding the company Twitter handle.


This will also help you refine your own content sharing strategy and become more focused on working your niche in all the places your potential clients are operating.


Inbound Marketing Call to Action

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