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CRM Migration, SaaS Apps Integration and Website Re-Design

The Background

HubX is revolutionising the structured finance/syndicated loan space with its Arranger product, designed to help multiple parties manage their collaborative deal flow on fundraises and investments.

The problem

Initially, HubX wanted to transfer their CRM from Pipedrive to HubSpot as they moved into a larger sales platform. In addition, the Drift conversational marketing platform required integration into HubSpot too. Finally, to set up reporting in HubSpot that enabled the business to track deals, leads and paid marketing activities.

The requirement

Stage one required full mapping of custom fields in HubSpot to match Pipedrive and then to migrate the data in full. Stage two was to fully integrate Drift conversational chat playbooks with goals into HubSpot to kick off email workflows to continue nurturing prospects along the funnel. Stage three was to ensure all reporting is fully set up.

The difference with Paul at Bias is that not only does he understand the what and why but he also knows the right way to deploy the tech to get the best result

Ray de Silva
Ray De Silva, CCO HubX

Our results

A three-month project to complete the full requirement was set up. The CRM move took a little under two weeks to complete which was not the main issue. The setup of Hubspot and the integration of Drifts playbooks required more work as custom attributes in Drift and custom fields in HubSpot needed completing.

In addition to mapping and setting up fields in both platforms, breaking down the chat playbooks in Drift and applying best practices took three weeks. Once we had this down, we rebuilt part of the playbooks before ensuring the automation of completed actions kicked off HubSpot workflows.

We finalised the reporting requirements in Hubspot in two weeks, which has now led to further work to rebrand the business and rebuild the website, currently underway. In addition to this, we have now been retained to execute the inbound marketing strategy whilst helping develop the knowledge base.

What we learned

HubX is in a transitional period. We are closely working on current requirements but we are also leaning into their adoption of a product-led growth model.

All of our current implementations and strategies are designed to support this move and work in a budget-friendly way to achieve the desired results.

By gearing up smaller milestones to deliver a greater result, we have aligned our growth strategy to their development roadmap, building trust and showing leadership as and when required.

Beyond the migration into the rebrand

In December 2021 we finalised the launch of the new HubX website (for a look at the older version click here). 

Originally designed to the traditional "design and deliver" approach to web design, we pivoted to a growth-driven design method and initially delivered a launchpad one-page type site before building out further pages.

It's now up to the team to monitor and further adapt the design to how the website visitors interact with the website.

These projects of multiple scopes are the ideal projects for our team as they test us to be vigilant, creative, budget manage and project manage, whilst working in a highly collaborative team environment. We look forward to a long and productive relationship with HubX.

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