I don’t need inbound marketing do I?

I don’t need inbound marketing do I?

I don’t need inbound marketing do I?

When hearing about inbound marketing and its customer-driven approach for the first time, many businesses cannot see how they could use it. The tried and tested broadcast marketing strategy has always worked in the past, so why change things?

Your customers are changing

The reality is that your customers are changing, and very few of them actually appreciate having advertising broadcast at them. In fact, an increasingly savvy customer base is perfectly capable of carrying out initial research into products and services completely unaided.

Buyers agree that they navigate at least the top third and, at most, the first two-thirds of the sales cycle without sales.” – John Neeson, managing director, SiriusDecisions.

The reality is that customers actually prefer to carry out their own research for anything other than impulse purchases.

Giving them the information they need

Virtually every sale, online or off, B2C or B2B, begins with an Internet search. It is vital then that customers can find the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision.

Inbound marketing is designed to help raise the profile of your business and its products and services using content that can be easily distributed and found online.

And don’t be fooled into thinking inbound won’t work for your industry either. If you’re competitors aren’t using content marketing and inbound tools to drive sales, you have a golden opportunity to corner the market in the meantime.

Automating your marketing

One of the major benefits of the inbound marketing approach is that a lot of the lead nurturing process can be automated. As they look for solutions to their business problems and come into contact with your marketing collateral, they will be encouraged to download and access more.

This drip, drip, drip of useful content helps to establish your brand credibility and positions your services as the answer to solution to their problems. And in the process of accessing more content, the customer moves down the inbound funnel at their own pace.

By the time they do make contact, the customer is usually in a position to make an informed purchasing decision.

Still not convinced?

According to statistics quoted by Hubspot (a proven inbound marketing platform), inbound techniques generate 54% more leads that traditional paid marketing. So even if your current broadcast campaigns are working well, you could do even better with inbound. Especially as you could save an average of £13,000 each year by choosing to focus on inbound channels first.

Any business, including yours, will benefit from implementing an inbound marketing campaign. Any business that sells goods and services needs to be noticed online – and inbound marketing techniques are just what is needed.

Get in touch with PSM today to discuss how inbound will work for your business – no matter what you do.

Paul Sullivan
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