ICO Marketing Needs Subject Matter Experts


ICO Marketing Needs Subject Matter Experts

ICO marketing needs subject matter experts. Like any industry, you want to work with an agency that has a niche in your blockchain industry over someone that is broadly general.


Many people believe that ICO marketing is this alien thing that only crypto enthusiasts can align themselves to. Kidding themselves that crypto enthusiasts are a breed of their own and nobody else can understand it like they can.


Well, that is a load of bull!


Blockchain has only just arrived


Blockchain didn’t even exist before 2008 and it wasn’t widely adopted when it first appeared. There are no gurus, oracles and visionaries in this field and it’s still far too infantile to make those claims.


Quite simply, there are those with more knowledge than others but that’s it. But please do not throw names of people who’ve worked social media hard to invent these crypto god-like personas. Like anything in life, you want to invest in, do your own research, assess your own appetite for liability and stop following the crowd.


Just who are you following exactly?


For all you know, these so-called guru’s could be getting paid to promote these ICO/ITO projects. Furthermore, who says that they have the business credentials to pass judgement in the first place?


Show some of your own credible successes Mr or Mrs I know a Crypto when I see one and maybe you’ll garner my support. Right now, I’ll approach an ICO with my business experience, 12 years of financial services experience and 8 years of Fintech marketing experience. Say no more.


So what is a Subject Matter Expert?


Well as I’ve just shot down the idyllic image currently perpetuated on social media of a crypto subject matter expert.


But exactly what do I mean?


Well let me be quite typically frank, I’m known for it.



The blockchain is the enabling technology. For me, a blockchain subject matter expert is someone who can code the technology but has a very commercial mindset when it comes to business.


This way, they can talk the technical talk and understand the numerous business use cases for it. That gives you a wholly rounded viewpoint.


Crypto Currencies & Tokens


For cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens do you really need a subject matter expert? What will they do? Explain the difference between the two on a regular basis?

Once you have been told, you know what they know, so sorry, no need for a subject matter expert there.


The business opportunity


The business. Now, this is a different kettle of fish. If you have an extraordinarily successful business person passing judgement on whether an opportunity looks viable or not, well that is something to believe in.


Not only would they take the time to understand the numerous use cases for blockchain technology in business, but they could also work out if the investment was a viable one. Potentially, these individuals could be ICO experts because they’re not solely driven by the increasing value of the token. They’re focused on the long term business opportunity the project offers.


Technically understanding the blockchain, the tokenisation, and being a very astute business person combined, starts to look like a viable value proposition.


The need for teams in Blockchain


So far I haven’t said anything revolutionary, but in this space it’s about continual education and many readers would find this interesting.


As you can see, the need for teams in blockchain projects is clear. We all look for decent teams when deciding if the ICO is a viable investment. But again, is it the defining factor?


Sometimes, you see people with 2-3 years of work history, sometimes more. Yes, a combination of skills makes the whole thing tick, but we can’t judge someone’s knowledge and value from a static profile. We don’t know what they know and why the project lead brought these people in.


However, we can sensibly assume that somebody with a lengthy employment history within a particular field, could be deemed as a subject matter expert and therefore a worthwhile investment. But enough about choosing teams. I think you get the point I am trying to make.


ICO Marketing needs Subject Matter Experts


ICO marketing needs subject matter experts and they are just as important as the people I’ve previously touched on. Just as the teams mentioned above have expert requirements, a marketer that understands the business and not just the blockchain environment, is a much better bet for success.


Their whole ecosystem is designed to maximise return through digital outputs to technology businesses. This means that they are potentially the right support team for you pre and post ICO. The ideal solution as you go through a new stage of growing and scaling your business which brings new challenges.


Now sure I am biased, having been in Fintech for a number of years and financial services before that. I’ve run, grown, lost and sold businesses, but I’ve always had a marketing agency.


I also bring a wealth of commercial experience, sales, business development and much more, but guess what? So do a host of other agency business owners.


But what makes them successful?


They aren’t everything to everyone as they niche. They understand their clients pain points, growth strategies (as they help set them) and more importantly, they know people like you.


So when it comes to ICO marketing subject matter experts, it’s not just ICO and blockchain that should sway you. It should be the bigger picture, niche technology marketers and what else they bring with it.


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Paul Sullivan
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