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What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing describes the digital marketing strategy that brings all of your online channels together to one ambition. Online marketing channels are email, blogging, social media, your website, and search engine optimisation. The ambition is to generate highly qualified leads for your sales teams on a continual basis.


Traditional methods of marketing rarely yield tangible results. Outbound methods like newspaper and magazine adverts, PR, radio adverts can all have a broad reach but aren’t quantifiable. If you can’t quantify your marketing spend you cannot justify it either.


Inbound is a data-driven approach to online marketing, using quantifiable analytics to effect change. Adopting a data-driven approach to your digital marketing activity reduces waste of time, effort and budget. This improves results and enables a far more targeted strategy to ensue.

Focus on a Data Driven Approach

How does it help your Business

An inbound approach is suitable for businesses that require a high level of consideration during the buying process. Whether that is because your product or solution is of a technical nature or of high purchase value. Inbound will help you distribute your message through an extremely targeted content messaging strategy.


However, content alone will not accelerate the buying cycle or the decision-making process. Inbound has key requirements that need to be established in order to achieve success. Changing your perspective from a cast your net wide approach to a far more targeted plan takes time and investment.


The lead generation process becomes more transparent and tangible, whilst the prospect conversion process increases with quality. This, in turn, enables your sales teams to have highly converting conversations with leads ready to convert into paying customers.


This has added benefit as businesses that adopt a data-driven approach often follow this by a process of digital transformation. Outdated legacy systems become redundant, improved systems automate workflows and a digital orientation follows.

What you should expect

Our approach

BIAS has a well-crafted approach to helping our partners to transition to inbound marketing. As you can imagine we work hard to understand your business and this requires a lot of groundwork. Therefore we have a four-stage approach which includes, consultation and discovery, planning and strategy, implementation and then review and responds.


This becomes a circular approach to developing your digital marketing strategy rather than a linear one. To adopt a circular mindset means that you are continually improving and iterating your strategy using the data in your results. Businesses that sell in circles see better results and have a vastly improved understanding of their customer behaviour.


However, do not underestimate the importance of having a very well optimised website to support your inbound campaign. Driving increased traffic into a website with poor user experience or poor messaging won’t work. If you are unsure about your current company website, take a free test on our website page.

Time to make a decision

Are you ready to grow your Business?

“Did you know that 63% of businesses state that their number one challenge is generating enough leads and traffic?”


Inbound marketing is the number one choice of businesses solving their lead-gen problems. Use a CRM and personalisation in the marketing messaging with lead nurturing are integral to the growth of your sales pipeline. Couple that with a clearly defined content strategy, search engine optimisation and a marketing automation solution for accelerated results.


  • So the question is are you ready to grow your business?
  • Are you focused on increasing the quality of traffic and website prospects whilst reducing sales cycles?
  • Are you willing to apply the time and investment to adapt to a data-driven approach to your marketing and sales?


If you answered yes to the questions above, then you are ready to grow your business. Choosing a partner that can deliver tangible and quantifiable results is the next step. Talk to an award-winning inbound marketing consultant at BIAS for a detailed plan of action.

What to expect

  • 1


    Discover if you have a website that supports adapting to Inbound Marketing

  • 2


    Run a full deep dive on your business and start developing a strategy

  • 3


    Which products and or services would benefit most from inbound marketing

  • 4


    Go to market strategy, training, testing and refining. Content outputs, operational assessment and further consulting.

Inbound Marketing Pricing Options

A marketing automation platform is required and is not included in the package pricing. We offer different plans for micro businesses, please click here

  • Startups and scale ups
  • £2499/ 25 Points
  • A starter retainer with BIAS is designed to support businesses that are brand new and just launching or for growing an existing business. This retainer is a solid choice for achieving early success.


    Includes: Persona Workshop, Strategy & setup, 2/3 Blog Posts Monthly, Quarterly Conversion Offer, Social Media Posting

Most Popular
  • Comprehensive Strategy
  • £4999/ 50 Points
  • The comprehensive package. Designed for businesses that want to maximise the inbound funnel service with serious results in mind. This retainer is a solid choice for going for accelerated growth.


    Includes: Persona Workshop, Strategy & setup, 4/5 Blog Posts Monthly, Bi-Monthly Conversion Offers, Social Media Management

  • Enterprise Goals
  • £POA/ To Be Agreed
  • A fixed package doesn’t always fit a company that has high volume ambitions, requiring larger traffic for increased lead generation. Therefore a customised package is far more suited.


    BIAS can tailor a package designed to meet your specific needs, whatever the ambition.

Choose From

  • Website Audit
  • Keyword Strategy
  • Blog Posts
  • Buyer Personas
  • Campaigns
  • On Page/Off Page SEO

  • Social Media Posting
  • Social Media Management
  • Funnel Development
  • Campaign Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Management

  • Marketing Automation
  • Paid Search Marketing
  • Performance Analytics
  • Website Design & Build
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Monthly Reporting

Keen to know more?

First Step

B2B Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation

B2B companies are aware of the impact of digital marketing on their online lead generation requirements. Do you position your company as the “go to” or “company of choice”? This requires a content led inbound marketing strategy. It also has to be endorsed by paid search. We use marketing automation platforms to support this activity. It enables us to make data-led decisions.


It is this data that enhances your ability to qualify more leads and close more sales. We capture data by using website forms. This way, we get your prospects contact information. But you can also use chatbots. They allow you to replace forms and increase conversions on your landing pages.


Calls to action can be a determining factor between a lead and conversion. They have the potential to push your prospect in the right direction. They can seal a conversion and get you a new customer. Your marketing efforts should always have a positive conversion rate.


That’s why we use calls to action often. Once we have the contact information, we can trigger your lead nurturing. We do this via email marketing.


A lead nurturing helps to build trust and positions you as a trustworthy business. This is a far more successful strategy than traditional outbound marketing offers.

Second Step

Growth Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing and sales objectives need a suitable strategy. This strategy needs to be set in line with the goals and ambitions of your business. BIAS growth marketing campaigns are strategically designed to get you there. Amongst other services, we include buyer persona analysis and buyer journey map. This is supported by competitive analysis or inbound and outbound communications.


In addition to that, BIAS offers go-to-market plans. These are based on the goals of your business. Do you want to sell more of your product or service to an existing market? Is your plan to expand and reach new markets? Our growth marketing strategy will help to develop your presence. This will depend on where you want to go.


Using an inbound strategy allows you to convert, close and delight your website visitors.


In the converting stage, BIAS helps to identify the right questions. Then, we help to answer them at the right time.


We always create content that’s relevant and well optimised. But your pieces of content won’t always provide the required information. That’s why we use chatbots. Chatbots deliver relevant and contextual solutions. They can inform you when a customer wants to engage. Finally, delighting means publishing the content your audience will find useful. And it also means asking for feedback to make your service better.


This Inbound Marketing methodology is used to build trust, credibility and momentum. This way, we help your sales teams to generate more sales and profit. But identifying your target audience is only part of the solution. The inbound methodology enables your business to use a data-driven strategy for success.

Third Step

Inbound Marketing Tactics

Commit to an inbound digital marketing strategy. Employ BIAS to implement it. We constantly test and measure the outputs. This way, we achieve consistent and incremental success.


How do we do that? We set goals that are clear, measurable and attainable. They are also relevant to your business. Lastly, they are time-bound.


Bias provide value through our award-winning content creation. We also offer search engine optimization. It can be either on-page or off-page. Search engine optimisation helps your business rank higher in search rankings. And it also generates more traffic. More traffic results in more leads. With a good inbound strategy, these leads can be your new customers.


We focus on email marketing, optimising failing funnels and setting up brand new campaigns.


On top of that, we also develop a complete social media strategy. Furthermore, we deliver events and event management as well as video marketing. Bias is focused on our customer’s growth. Do you want to discover how to get your results back on track now? Speak to a Bias Growth Marketing Strategist today.

Fourth Step

Account Based Marketing

Account-based marketing or abm marketing is a process of identifying businesses that would be your key accounts. Getting your content and ads into their content eco-systems is essential. For this, you need to be very selective. You also need to personalise your content.


BIAS help build your account selection. We target clients based on their customer journey. A customer journey sums up the whole process a customer goes through when interacting with your product or service. Understanding where your customers are in their customer journey is important. It helps to deliver relevant content. Choice of the right channel is key as well. After identifying where a target is in their customer journey, we can create specific content.


Creating content involves identifying the right topic. Then, we choose a strategy. Finally, we produce content. Content can take many forms. It could be a blog post or a video. Or it could be an eBook or an advertisement. After the content is out, we monitor channels. Channels give us strategic insight. After that, we can measure the results. Effective Account Based Marketing drives clear business results. It is also by enlarge the most endorsed form of lead attraction and closure.

Fifth Step

Strategy and Implementation

BIAS focus on the “big picture”. When it comes to planning the Inbound Marketing strategy, there are three key components to address. A focus on delivering you warm leads. Therefore business development, sales and product development are all considered with any plan we implement.


This includes the technology you need to be successful. Marketing automation, CRM, website development and conversational marketing platforms.


Combine any of them depending on your digital marketing ambition. This way, you have a fully optimised process to acquire potential customers. You need a clear definition of key accounts. You also need alignment between your sales and marketing efforts. After that, you will start to see the results.  As soon as you start to see results in your funnel, you should create case studies. Website prospects often look for reassuring content. The examples of your work help your prospects to get a better understanding of your value proposition.

Sixth Step

Data and Analytics

Continued sales success with growth marketing can be achieved. But only if you know what’s going on in the data. Our data-scientists deep dive the results to look for patterns. After that, they are able to identify further opportunities for your business. The use of analytics is standard. Think as much about your website as you do your content outputs.


Paid search marketing is often a huge benefit to increase the opportunity to convert your prospect. But nothing about Bias is “set and run”. We focus on what the data tells us. This is why we deliver better results. Forget outbound marketing, adopt a data-led digital strategy across your digital marketing and website campaigns.