Inbound marketing for the Construction Industry – are they compatible?

Inbound marketing for the Construction Industry – are they compatible?

Inbound Marketing for the construction industry… should they go hand in hand? In an industry so late to the charge to digital transformation, would they really accept something sounding so new?


For the notoriously off-line construction industry, digital marketing techniques may seem like a waste of time and effort. Virtually everything involved in a construction project takes place on site, in the real world.


So why should your business try advertising online when so many leads and projects come through word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations?


You can never have too many leads


No matter how good your current referral process may be, there is always the potential to improve. In fact, the more high-quality leads you can generate, the better the chance of increasing sales. But if your word-of-mouth mechanisms are already maxed out, where are those additional leads going to come from?


Buying habits are changing


Virtually every purchasing decision begins with online product research. From the latest Dan Brown novel to companies capable of building a new secondary school, buyers will conduct initial investigations via search engines and other content easily available on the Internet.


As a result, your business has to be easily found online and needs to appear authoritative in your vertical. Again, inbound marketing can help by making that content available, and getting it in front of decision-makers as they begin pre-purchase (or pre-tender) research.


Fire and forget(ish)


Once in place, an inbound marketing campaign virtually runs itself. Construction buyers encounter a piece of content that piques their curiosity or addresses a specific business pain, and in return for registering their contact details, are allowed to download it. They get a useful document, your business gets a reasonable well-qualified lead by return.


A properly implemented inbound marketing campaign will use automation to keep the lead warm too. Triggered emails will invite the new lead to download new content, every time bringing them closer to your business and helping to establish trust and expertise. Warm leads are delivered to you on a plate, greatly simplifying the sales process and preparing them for conversion almost immediately.


Freeing up time for other activities


With an automated lead generation system in place, the sales and marketing team have more time to devote to other activities. Marketing can combine the information they have on new leads with that of existing clients to create finely tuned campaigns that target specific demographic segments, increasing the likelihood of successful conversions.


Sales, on the other hand, can devote more time to converting incoming leads or following up existing clients. Inbound marketing also frees up time and resources that can be invested in improving tenders and quotes, further improving the contract win rate.


And all the while, every download or interaction with your inbound marketing content is helping to raise the profile of your construction firm and to cement your position as a true authority in your field.


With benefits liked improved lead generation, increased efficiency within the sales and marketing departments and greater brand awareness, there is no question that inbound marketing and the construction industry are fully compatible.


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