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Learn the exact strategy that we used to generate over 300 leads in 8-weeks under COVID lockdown! 


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Linkedin Sales Prospecting

What is a LinkedIn Campaign Manager?


For nearly every B2B product or service sales or marketing professional, Linkedin provides the perfect platform to engage your potential customers. But let’s face it, it’s still people using it and therefore it has its nuances. Not everyone will be happy with your sales teams’ approaches. This is where your sales enablement process kicks in for success.


However, this is also where an external LinkedIn campaign manager kicks in to take you success. By outsourcing your LinkedIn sales prospecting strategy to BIAS or allowing us to scale your prospecting through technology, sales opportunities increase immediately.


Therefore a LinkedIn campaign manager is a specialist who knows how to maximize your ability to target new prospects outside of your network at scale.

Supporting sales team success

Supporting sales teams not replacing them


The LinkedIn campaign manager service is wholly designed to focus solely on prospecting for sales teams or the top of the funnel. You are still required to undertake inbound marketing to educate your prospects as they will research you when you connect on LinkedIn. It’s also a fantastic bolt-on to an account-based marketing and sales strategy .


The service connects you with decision-makers at target companies enabling you to grow your sales teams reach but build an audience full of individuals who can sign off on your product or service. Therefore the human element to closing the deal is still an important and defining component of the sales funnel.

What you should expect

Complementing your inbound marketing strategy


Historically companies that move to adopt an inbound marketing strategy have been slightly concerned about the 3-6 month success timeframe. With the high distribution of content by companies to search engines, you first have to establish your strategy and create your content on a consistent basis. In addition to this, you are often competing with well established inbound strategies of your nearest rivals.


Our strategically designed LinkedIn sales strategy enables you to combine both a digital inbound and outbound strategy to kick off the sales process from the get-go. No other agency offers this combination of services so BIAS is unique amongst inbound agencies with this strategy.


Combine your inbound marketing and outbound sales reach to greatly enhance the opportunity to close business from the moment you engage your retainer.

Time to make a decision

Are you ready to accelerate your business growth?


LinkedIn has it’s preferred benefits to other platforms for business development opportunities. For example, you can directly connect and talk to prospects, unlike paid marketing offers. You can define your target audience in lists with Linkedin sales navigator and push leads directly to your CRM from there maximising the investment in LinkedIn Campaign Manager.


But let’s be frank, you need to be creating good quality solid inbound marketing content and using a great CRM like the Hubspot CRM and applying marketing automation. This enables your sales team to concentrate on immediate winners and let the automated nurturing entice prospects to the point of conversion.


Reach out to BIAS for a no-obligation conversation about how you can capitalise on LinkedIn from the outset.

Learn how to win on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Sales Strategy


LinkedIn gives your B2B or B2C sales team the opportunity to target highly qualified prospects or companies for sales opportunities. Yet, so many salespeople fail on a platform seemingly ripe with opportunity, so how do you get around that?


Download our Definitive Guide to LinkedIn and learn the strategies we used to create over 300 sales opportunities under the COVID lockdown using Linkedin and build your sales team out for success. Contact us today for a free consultation.