Portugal's largest Commercial Real Estate Company cuts losses with WordPress

Award-winning multi-language website for Portugal's leading provider of workspace on HubSpot CMS

The Background

Lionesa is Portugal's answer to WeWork. However, we feel WeWork could take a lesson or two from Lionesa in terms of facilities both professionally as well as personally. Based on Porto’s sunshine coast in easy reach of the airport and the beach, it’s a perfect blend of culture, commerce and community.

The problem

Lionesa had one goal, which was to upgrade their company website and provide a new look and feel that said big business, but promoted a sense of community and inclusion. The website also had to show that Lionesa provides space for the world's leading brands, but is fully encompassing smaller businesses too. In addition to the workspaces, Lionesa has a curious blend of culture, art, culinary experience and roving green spaces before you get to the local beach. All of this had to come across in the design and content.

The requirement

Lionesa needed a company that could listen to their needs and requirements and also give them new perspectives and opinions. It wasn’t a simple case of redesign and delivery, but really dive under the lid and provide advice on how they can move forward, with a future-thinking focus.

BIAS is the new standard of excellence we look for in our agency partners.

Eduarda Pinto
Eduarda Pinto, Executive Director, Lionesa

Our results

To this end, we suggested that they move away from WordPress and take a look at the HubSpot CMS which would come with an inbuilt CRM, email marketing and chatbot functionality. A security-focused platform with multi-language capability is an ideal solution that gives full control of the digital experience back to the company.

In addition, Lionesa had considered a membership site and by choosing to start with the HubSpot Pro CMS, once they are comfortable with that solution, they can upgrade at any point in time to the enterprise CMS and build that functionality at a later date.

The site also includes an API integration to allow residents to check if they qualify for benefits via the Hello Card provided by Lionesa. As not all benefits require checking, we built a flexible, easy-to-use modular system that allows the team to pick and choose as necessary which benefits apply to the check. Executing a platform for future growth and development.

What we learned

This project was our first multi-language project and our experience has mainly been with WordPress. Although HubSpot CMS is also a low-code option for website building, we felt for Lionesa’s situation, a professional CMS and CRM with added functionality were better suited.

This analysis has proven itself to be the ideal solution, although the team at Lionesa made the journey easy as they analysed the proposal heavily before committing. However, once the decision was made, they were super supportive and the collaboration on the project has been easy.

The team at BIAS loved this project, helping a business change its focus and operational model through innovation and technology shows us in our best light. We hope to continue our relationship with the company as they continue to grow and develop its marketing and sales strategy.

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