Marketing for Construction Businesses

marketing for construction businesses

Marketing for Construction Businesses

Are construction contracts won on brown envelopes rather than on a good sales pitch?


Most people we’ve spoken to in and around the building trade say that at a high level when you are bidding for business, it’s not just who you know.. but also what you can pay. That isn’t a payment to the marketing agency for generating the lead, that’s a payment to the procurement officer or company secretary to ensure your company gets that all so lucrative contract.


With rumours of the big five contractors apparently dividing government contracts up over games of poker, schmoozing politicians and brown envelopes stuffed with cash under the table, how can marketing for construction businesses get your business into the supply line at the outset of the bidding process rather than being frozen out?


Well, the news is good? Bias has 5 great tips to raise your companies profile and refine your marketing strategy, ensuring the people searching for your services, find them!

5 Marketing Tips for the Construction Industry


  1. LinkedIn: You have to ensure that all of your key members of staff have profiles on LinkedIn and that they are fully optimised for their role. Don’t be afraid to put it out there that you are actively seeking contracts with bigger companies or target companies. Also, create a company page for your own business and get the right information about your company in the description field and share your content there.
  2. Content Creation: Make no mistake, everybody is searching the internet for everything. Better deals, better suppliers, cheaper deals or cheaper suppliers, wherever your business is pitched, somebody somewhere is searching for you. Creating content is not about telling everybody how good your services are. You need to identify the buyer personas and use these to correctly formulate a strategy to produce content that will answer the pain points those personas may have.
  3. Case Studies: You may think that the visualisation where possible of works your business has completed would have no bearing on pitching for further business but a buyer always likes to see what your end result looks like and quite possibly may want to check that your project went well. So when structuring your proposal, add a case study of a similar project you have completed previously and if suitable add video or pictures to support this.
  4. Video: As we have just touched on video in point three about case studies, you can also use video to tell a story about your business and post these to your social media channels. You can talk about your services, what defines your business and makes you different from your peers, the type of clients you would ideally like (yes, if you don’t ask you don’t get) and also again film completed projects. You could have a pre-project start clip, an in-situ clip and then the finished article. You don’t have to produce a very corporate video, there are a number of video marketing agencies you can talk to but many smartphones have the capability to create these simple videos.
  5. Social Media: There are a huge number of construction businesses that either refuse to accept social media is going to help them raise their business profile or do not want to invest the time and possibly money it can take to properly utilise social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. We’ve got some great tips on how construction industries can use social media to gain followers and drive traffic to their websites, which can be found here.

Business Development Managers in the Construction Industry




Most construction businesses of a medium to large scale can and do employ business development managers we talk to many and we do this on LinkedIn. Many of them are “old school” and rely on their own contacts list to generate contracts and revenue. However, this is all well and good to help drive the business forward but once you plateau via this method, your business starts to stall in its growth cycle.


The marketing patterns and strategies are moving at a very fast pace… data, mobile, apps, social media. Some of the industry stalwarts may not appreciate the value of the tips given here today but it’s your job as a BDM to embrace the latest techniques in marketing for construction businesses and help drive your businesses forward.

By Paul Sullivan


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