B2B Marketplaces are taking off, BIAS help design, build and launch platforms that deliver results


Digital BIAS has over sixteen years of experience in marketplace web design for B2B, B2C and B2B2C channels. Our services have been retained to consult, implement marketing strategy, build websites and build platforms for retail tech firms.

In regards to platform development on both custom and CMS driven platforms, we have a deep experience with some of the worlds leading companies. Our offshore development team in Europe handles our retail tech and some of the larger and complex customised builds and our London based team handles our standard CMS driven websites through WordPress and Shopify.

All our projects are built to the latest standards and are completely compliant with internet standards and protocols.BIAS can help your marketplace achieve immediate results through our proven process and can scale from concept to MVP to a fully launched platform.

Complex WordPress Integration & Custom CPD Platform
Interactive B2B Inbound Campaign with Custom Platform Development

Post-delivery, and realistically during the build process, you should be considering how you will drive traffic to your newfound platform. Inbound will provide a great opportunity for both B2B and B2C organisations, but our unique algorithm for bought media (Ads, Social Ads, Digital TV, Radio (Out of Home) also has great benefits.

When custom building a platform you should take a growth hacking approach and build virality into your platform using options like social referring. It’s not that you cannot do this on a CMS driven platform, but the more modules and plugins you adopt, the bigger the impact on the experience and likely your SEO. Therefore, when deciding on your course of action, a deep dive into the roadmap is necessary, which is why we hold workshops in advance to flesh this out.

I've been working with Paul and the team at Bias for around 4 years now and they have managed our website redesign projects with aplomb. Paul is a fantastic marketing strategist and I have no problem referring him to the fast-growth tech companies that I recruit for. If you are looking for a growth and results-oriented business partner then Paul is certainly your man. I recommend him highly.




Our teams, both in London and Europe have experience in developing Marketplace platforms at the top level. From B2B and B2C retail to Saas and other products, we have a gameplan for your success.

Our specialism in the development of marketplace websites and platforms is not the depth of our experience and our award-winning inbound marketing campaigns would be a key asset for your continued success and growth. It’s also what we love doing here, partnering with organisations like yours from concept to delivering your first results and beyond.

If you are looking for a partner for the long-term, with a team that is qualified in product-led design and development then speak to us today and discover how we can help.

Work with a team with proven results, why consider anything else?

Complex WordPress Integration & Custom CPD Platform
Interactive B2B Inbound Campaign with Custom Platform Development

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