Mobile apps for small business

Mobile apps for small business

Mobile apps for small business

ALL small businesses could use a mobile app. There is any number of ways to bring a mobile app into your marketing strategy, whether it’s ordering food from your take away restaurant, driving leads for an accountants business or building in a rewards feature for your coffee shop for loyalty. Every business needs to adopt a mobile strategy or face being left behind by the competitor that has one!


How can I use a mobile app in my small business


Most small business owners have the wrong focus when it comes to mobile apps. Nearly all of the business owners I have asked focus on earning revenue from the app based on the cost of the download, not on what the app can deliver or drive.


Time and time again, marketing consultants will tell you that you have to give something to gain something and yet business owners fail to pick up on this.


The mobile apps that we use every day on smartphones should give the savvy entrepreneurial small business owner any number of ideas on how to drive their business forward. The top 5 used mobile apps are:


  1. Google Maps
  2. Facebook Mobile App
  3. Youtube App
  4. Google+ Mobile App
  5. Weixin/Wechat




Yet you use an app for almost anything you do on a smartphone or a tablet, so to not be able to look at how one of these now necessary items can be adapted to work for you is astounding.

Case Study: Small Business Mobile Apps

Case Study 1: Coffee Shop

Mobile apps for small business


A coffee shop is a great example of how to use an app in a small business to retain clientele. You can run a loyalty scheme via the app, offer events for coffee tastings etc to further engage your customers and get some onsite interaction going.


You can also add a sign up for newsletter feature and contain the usual maps feature, contact details, social media links, use a picture loader so customers can share pictures of where they are drinking your coffee – you could print and post these on a wall in store further personalising the customer experience.


Special offers can be made available through the app only and then you have the push notification feature that can also be put to good use.


Without wanting to tell you how to use your coffee shop mobile app, you just need to step back and see what gaps in your marketing strategy a mobile app can provide.





Case Study 2: Estate Agent


Mobile apps for small business



Estate Agents can really use a mobile app to further enhance their service offering by using it to generate leads from vendors, landlords and also tenants.


You have to remember that not all small estate agency businesses can afford a fully comprehensive mobile app initially, so using an app that can drive engagement with the agency in a certain aspect of your business.


You can use the app to generate leads with an enquiry form, use the share feature to give a cash reward for landlords, tenants or vendors who introduce further landlords, tenants or vendors to the business via the app.


You could also get potential vendors and landlords to send you some initial photos of the property to ensure it’s the kind of property you want to display or market within your business.




Case Study 3: The Tradesman


Mobile apps for small business


Trades are often small business owners, sole traders to a few men with vans, however small or large your trades or construction business you can effectively adopt a mobile app into your marketing strategy.


What can you do?


Well, the first thing is to ensure that you have a lead generation form that will complement the image slider that will display the works you have completed and can show to potential customers. Images of your completed projects will only sell you as your potential customer will not know you.


Use your app to get feedback from your happy clients and let this also form part of your mobile strategy. Offer a discount for a referral, in your case you can’t offer a retrospective discount but you can give a client the opportunity to pay a discount forward, remember it’s all about the marketing strategy and givers always gain!


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