Mobile Tech needs to be your Online Marketing Priority

Mobile Tech In Online Marketing

The message from industry has been clear for some time now – mobile tech needs to be your online marketing priority. Research published by UK media regulator Ofcom found that Brits spend more time using tech devices than they do sleeping – most of it on their smartphone.


From website design, to email layout to smartphone apps, the foreseeable future is small screen – and you need to embrace it or lose out.


Mobile Websites


Responsive design techniques have made it much easier for businesses to accommodate mobile users, using a single version of their site that scales automatically to display correctly on screens of all sizes. But more than just a “nice to have”, a mobile site is actually vital in the modern marketplace.


According to the Monetate Q4 2014 Ecommerce report, 9.05% of tablet-using visitors add items to their baskets – just behind desktop users on 9.26%. Similarly conversion rates continue to climb for tablet users too, peaking at 2.86% at the end of last year (0.5% less than laptop and desktop computer users).


And although smartphone add-to-basket and conversion rates are noticeably lower than other channels (typically under 1%), the average order value (globally) comes in at over $113. This may equate to fewer orders (by volume), but those that do complete tend to be of a reasonable value – well worth your company’s investment.


Smartphone apps


Back in January 2014 comScore published a report that suggested users spend more time with smartphone apps than they do surfing the web from a traditional computing device. This was followed by further research from Flurry (Yahoo’s mobile web development arm) that found US smartphone users spent nearly 2.75 hours online each day, 86% of which was using mobile apps.


Drilling down into the figures, it is clear that little of this time is spent “shopping”, but it does reveal a clear preference for optimised apps over the built-in web browser. Because mobile apps are specifically designed to be as simple, quick and lightweight as possible, they tend to make it easier for users to find important information quickly.


Applying these principles to a corporate app will give your business a distinct advantage over competitors who are relying on a mobile-friendly website. And you will be streets ahead of rivals who have failed to embrace mobile at all.


Online Marketing And Google


There is also the small matter of being ‘visible’ online – heavily reliant on how your site ranks on major search engines. Google caused a stir earlier in the year by changing the way they rank sites in search results, prioritising those that are mobile-optimised.


Dubbed “mobilegeddon”, businesses that fail to offer a mobile site were demoted in search results, causing many to lose visibility, and therefore business. Consequently, those who had done the necessary mobile prep work in advance of the change were rewarded with a promotion.


Mobile Tech in Online Marketing

So how to use mobile tech in your online marketing strategy?

The reality is that your efforts need to embrace mobile first, and work backwards from there. Your customers read their email and carry out product research from their mobile devices first, moving on to a traditional computer only when required to complete a purchase.


If you cannot deliver the information they need to their mobile, customers will simply go to a competitor who can. So why take the risk?


Modedaweb are experts in mobile marketing, and we offer mobile app creation services too. Let us help you join the mobile revolution today, before it’s too late.

Paul Sullivan
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