Pinterest as a Social Media Platform for Tradesman

Pinterest for tradesmen

Pinterest as a Social Media Platform for Tradesman

Pinterest as a Social Media Platform for Tradesman

So for the penultimate instalment of the Social Media for Tradesmen series we will discuss Pinterest and how you can utilise it to gain followers and cement you and or your business as an authority in your field.

When we first engage our clients with regards to their Pinterest marketing we always establish how well they think that they are doing with this. We typically find the following:

  1. They don’t have a Pinterest account
  2. They typically do not have many followers on their account
  3. Do not understand how to drive traffic to their website with their pins even though they post images of their works/products
  4. Do not educate their followers on the business and its background or its products and services
  5. Do not link back to their website in the text
  6. Don’t know when the optimal time to post pins
  7. Feel that they do a lot of work for little response and therefore feel frustrated and deem it pointless

Pinterest for tradesmen

These are all far too common conversations with around 70-80% of all new and current clients and I thought we could look at how as a tradesperson you could utilise Pinterest effectively.

The first thing to do when you have set up your Pinterest profile and you have uploaded your branding images, logos and company/business text is link the page to Twitter and to Facebook automatically see ( and if you need a visual explanation check out this video on YouTube or use this to make it even easier if you have a Facebook page already set up ).

Posting articles and when

There are a number of different articles written across the web about when and how you should pin on this platform and below are 5 good blog posts to help you get along.

How to Pin

How to post on Pinterest

From your dashboard, as you can see from the image above, you can add a post to a current pin board or create a new board and go from there.

So to create a new board click on the “create a board” square shown as the first “board” on the series above, it’s the greyed out image.

Here you fill in all the detail you need to correctly create your board:

  1. Name of Board
  2. Description of what the board will contain
  3. The category
  4. Location
  5. Public or Private
  6. People that can also edit the board

creating a board on pinterestOnce you have created your board, you can now go ahead and add your content, in the example below, we have added some simple infographics

posting to pinterest boards

First click on Add a Pin and either upload your image from the web or your device (PC, Laptop or mobile device). Then you will be asked to choose which pin board you would like to add the pin to and provide a description of that content and always remember if it relates to content on your website ensure you add your URL or page link to the description, lots of people miss this opportunity.

pin posted to board in pinterest

So that’s how you pin to your Pinterest board. Some tips for you tradespersons out there are:

  1. Don’t just post offers and deals to your pin board, educate your followers around your product and services so you become an authority and build trust
  2. Always add relevant text to support your image content and add the link to your website page if that is relevant
  3. Do share images of your finished works such as fitted kitchens, painting and decorating, plastering and rendering, re-upholstery and use before and after or pre and post to support the work or services you supply.
  4. Don’t be afraid to use images sourced from the internet to help support your conversation but make sure that you give the correct credit at the end of your pin to the author or photographer of images or links you use.
  5. Look at your peers, follow their boards and watch what type of pins get the best response, this is a learning curve and education for you and your followers is key
  6. Check out the infographics below




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