The Complete Digital Marketing Course


The complete digital marketing course is ideal for entrepreneurs, small business owners and those starting out. Those who are looking to develop their knowledge in the digital marketing arena and develop inbound marketing campaigns. It is designed to enable you to implement a digital marketing plan that will generate leads for their business and ultimately increase their business profits.


The complete digital marketing course is ideal for entrepreneurs, small business owners and those starting in digital marketing. It’s designed to help develop your knowledge of digital marketing and inbound marketing campaigns. This will enable you to implement an online marketing plan that will generate leads for your business. 


Digital Marketing Course London


The course is a face to face training course which takes a full day starting at 10 am and finishing at 4 pm. We will teach you the essentials needed to run a digital marketing plan for your business. Covering all aspects of inbound and online marketing!


Who should attend?

The course covers all the essential areas of internet marketing and is ideal for those starting out or who are looking to develop their knowledge. We discuss the best digital marketing tools available and will help you to develop a basic digital marketing strategy.


Course Level: Suitable for novices, beginners and those with a basic understanding of digital marketing channel


What topics will the course cover? 


  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Keyword Research


Course Aim:

Learn the essentials tools and techniques required to increase lead generation through inbound based marketing strategies. By applying the strategies we use will ultimately increase your business profits. We aim to help you clearly define a multi-channel digital marketing strategy and put that into practice. Furthermore, we provide you with one hour of business coaching in order to drive your success forward.




BIAS will guarantee you a small class size and will help you apply what you learn as soon as you return to the office. This ensures your best chance of success and retaining what you have learned.


The course will focus on achieving 3 key objectives;


  • Extend your knowledge in essential techniques & tools used for effective digital marketing
  • Learn practical and proven strategies to generate leads & ultimately increase business profits
  • Have the ability to apply a digital marketing framework and plan to your business


The complete digital marketing course comes with a free 1hour coaching session for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Let BIAS help you take the next step towards financial freedom. Payment terms are available, please enquire.


The Advanced Digital Marketing Course


BIAS offers an intensive 3-day advanced digital marketing workshop.


  • On day 1 we cover the complete digital marketing course.
  • Day 2 we cover advanced digital strategy and customer development.
  • With day 3 finishing with a digital creative workshop.


This course is a fast track way of quickly developing your online marketing skills. It’s a deeper dive into digital marketing and covers more in-depth strategies and includes a customer development workshop.

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