Our Relationship History


Having worked Hunt Property Services for three years, our relationship developed from that of a service provider to consultants. From being initially instructed to redesign their company website and developing their Android and IOS mobile applications in 2016. We compiled their first digital campaign focusing on their refurbishment business and delivered their digital and print company magazine in 2017.


In 2018 on to redesign their new company website and undertake a consultancy role around full automation and business restructuring.


During this time the business has won several awards.




The Problems


2018 saw stifled property sales, due to external forces like Brexit, and a decline in high-level lending from the banks. HPS had seen a rise in their letting business buoyed by the climate, but an overall fall in revenues. A lack of consistency in lead generation activities, other than personal relationships and referrals, had further handicapped growth. Whilst the internal structure, systems and a lack of clear process, were unsupportive of change in this challenging environment.


There were a number of issues to resolve within the business, including but not limited to:


  • Staffing Deployment
  • New Website
  • Internal System Upgrades/Updates
  • Training & Development
  • Financial Reporting


  • Recruitment
  • Marketing Strategy & Campaigns
  • Process Design & Automation
  • Adoption of new practices
  • Business Development


What We Suggested & Delivered


To begin, we first undertook an interview with the staff to gather their views on what they felt was wrong. Where they needed support and where they thought a change would bring better results. I interviewed the business owner for her thoughts and where focus from her perspective was required.


We discussed employee placement, remuneration and recruitment needs. A new website, marketing strategy, internal processes, new technology, business development and where resistance to change may come from.


After collating the feedback, we were able to review estate agency software and suggest a new platform. The platform we found is cloud-based and more supportive of the business than the incumbent outdated technology. The incumbent system is cumbersome and requires duplicate effort to maintain business as usual output on a day to day basis. The new system now feeds the new website, Rightmove, on the market, and Zoopla, and maintains all departments within the business.


We integrated chatbots and Gmail for business to enable single sign on to the internal systems. We established a GDPR compliant internal process around documentation. Further development of the chatbot for a better customer experience will take place in 2019.


To manage late rent payments, we integrated an online payment solution for late rental payments on the website.


We hired a marketing assistant and redeployed staff from roles they were unhappy with into roles they are more suited to.


All internal processes were established and documented and we implemented 1-2-1’s and a follow-up timetable.


Three marketing campaigns were implemented, with a focus on Vendors, Landlords and Renovations. The marketing hire will build upon the campaigns over the next 12 months.


Also implemented was financial reporting throughout the business as well as a CRM with forecasting reporting.


Looking Forward


We established a system that enables HPS to monitor the development of the business online against its competitors. This means monitoring online traffic, SEO, keyword rankings, content, paid ads and other KPI’s.


The staff were set individual sales targets which tied in with the 1-2-1s. This so we can accurately record progress and provide support when requested or when we see necessary.


Marketing automation has been implemented alongside lead generation targets.


Separately from this, we also suggested a property investors club which will also launch alongside the new business.


We also worked with HPS to establish a whole new brand and business, Hunt Wealth. We introduced another of our clients, Stadden Forbes, and by doing so were able to show how a commercial partnership between the two companies would prove beneficial. The new business offers:


  • Mortgages & Remortgages
  • Financial Design
  • Wealth Planning
  • Property Investments


The Outcome


In closing, whilst we heavily reduced the content, we are happy to discuss further at any time. Bias Digital Consulting is more than a digital agency, we are your digital partner and advisor. HPS has given us the freedom to really assess the business, break it down to its bare components and rebuild it. There are now 5 income streams for revenue. The partnership opening up its services to hundreds of potential new customers and geared up to offer finance for property developers.


We will stay on as a consultant for Q1 – Q2 2019 and then review.


If your business is in need of restructuring, digital transformation, or further commercialisation, then book a free consultation today.