Your real estate website needs a blog, Now!


Your real estate website needs a blog, Now!

Why your real estate website needs a blog, now!


The overall purpose of a real estate website is to advertise properties and encourage would-be buyers to get in touch. Ultimately you want the website to act as a lead generation machine, convincing potential clients to arrange a viewing, or to list their properties with you.


Which is great – but it only works once the prospect has actually landed on your website. So you need a way to attract their attention in the first place – which is where blogging can help.


Attracting the attention of search engines. And home buyers


A company blog is a great way to add new, relevant content to your website on a regular basis. Adding new content is important for gaining the attention of search engine spiders (which add your web pages to their search results), and gives you something to hook readers with as you promote your blog posts across social media too.


Google, Bing and other search engines define the ranking of search results based on the quality of content you produce. The more high-quality articles you can publish, the better your eventual rankings will be.


Giving buyers the local knowledge they need


When searching for a property, homebuyers are also keen to learn about the surrounding area. A company blog is a perfect place to cover other information they may be looking for – local schools, restaurants, amenities – anything at all that buyers typically ask about.


These subject-related blog posts are also ideal for attracting the attention of buyers who are interested in a particular area. Better still, once they have landed on your site and read some useful content about their target area, they are also much more likely to check whether you have any suitable properties available.


The value of blogging


Creating blog content takes time and effort, and the results will take a while to become apparent. Even if you outsource blog creation and inbound marketing, there will be a slight uptick in your own workload.


But the extra work will definitely pay off – businesses who maintain a blog generate an average of 67% more leads than their competitors who don’t. And 95% of marketers believe that blogging is an effective tool for increasing exposure for their business.


Maximising the value of real estate blogging


Despite these encouraging figures, however, blogging is just one (very important) part of a successful online presence. Each of your blog articles needs to be tailored to and shared with, your target audience, using social media and/or paid ads.


Your blog will also need to be augmented by more in-depth content, like a buyer’s guide to your area, in return for their contact details. This then provides opportunities to re-engage prospects at any point.


Ultimately, blogging is actually an essential tool for raising the profile of your agency online. To learn more about blogging for real estate agencies, or full inbound marketing campaigns, please get in touch.


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