Onboarding Workshop From £2.5k

This workshop is designed for SaaS product management, product marketing or customer success teams to define an onboarding framework that scales your customer acquisition.


Onboarding Workshop

The SaaS onboarding workshop can be designed to deliver results no matter what stage of your business's development. From early-stage startups to enterprise sales teams.

Our qualified and certified expertise in the effective onboarding of SaaS products allows our team to come together and help your business build its onboarding framework playbook.

We cover twelve different aspects of the customer onboarding process providing worksheets and templates to help you build messaging and positioning smooth the onboarding to your platform. Our approach keeps the customer experience at the heart of all decision-making.

Your workshop includes

  • Identifying bottlenecks in your current process

  • Developing your onboarding framework
  • Building a customer journey map
  • Creating a churn rate cheat sheet

  • Identifying your data request and what to ask for

  • Developing your 30-60-90 day gameplan

What you will take away

The customer journey workshop will help SaaS marketing and customer success teams define a working framework for onboarding that focuses on the customer journey and what you need to take away to develop metrics that matter.

Takeaways will include:

  • a fully documented onboarding process
  • a fully documented customer journey map
  • churn rate cheat sheet
  • Data points to monitor in your data request
  • A workable 30-60-90 day gameplan

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Buyers Journey Workshop


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You get

  • An upfront review of your current process
  • A report detailing our thoughts and ideas
  • A fully documented onboarding process
  • A fully documented customer journey map
  • Churn rate cheat sheet
  • A workable 30-60-90 day gameplan