Sales enablement adds between 6-20% sales volume to closed deals directly impacting P&L.



As sales leaders, you know that the key to successful selling is by building repeatable processes for your team to close deals. With a team-wide approach to sales, you create a wider culture of success, and it’s easier to replicate successful tactics into an organised structure. 

BIAS helps by unifying your sales strategy across the team with the same processes, scripts, content, CRM and the ability to fully identify bottlenecks going forward that your business improves sales results. 

This removes time-wasting repetition and inefficient processes that have a negative impact on your sales teams productivity. By implementing automated processes around HubSpot’s CRM and sales platform, BIAS will strip out a huge amount of unnecessary waste, improving all-around results.

Leads in 10 weeks with 80 booked appointments
ROI using Drift Conversational Marketing


By using carefully crafted research and detailed analytics, training and workshops we remove the guesswork from the strategies we implement to move the business forward. 

It is this data that enables your sales team to adopt the changes that will have the most impact. We help them to utilise the resources which allow you, as a sales leader, to make strategic incremental improvements based upon evidence.  

By using HubSpot's technology with your new sales enablement process, you can deliver a strong and measurable impact on your business. As well as improving the quality of your content you can implement well-crafted processes to create the results that you need.

The immediate requirement is to improve efficiency and become more consistent. This will, in turn, create better relationships with customers and give your sales results the opportunity to thrive.


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The more data and information you have on a prospect the easier the close should become. By adopting a systemised sales enablement approach you will become more attuned to your customer’s needs. 

BIAS will support you throughout the process and beyond to resolve issues and take positive action. With the data we collect, we work with you or your team to help interpret the pipeline activity and advise where to make improvements or changes. We enable you to implement your own strategy in a way that works for your business and give you the tools on which to build. This allows you and the business to retain control and embed the ethos of your company’s approach.

Imagine how much better the customer engagement and retention might be though if your marketing team and sales teams communication lines were more robust. Ensuring both teams take responsibility for the overall strategy to open sales opportunities and closely aligning the teams will ensure leads are pinpointed, attracted and acted on quickly in the sales funnel. Meaning the customer will get a better experience, increasing the likelihood of repeated sales.

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Leads in 10 weeks with 80 booked appointments
ROI using Drift Conversational Marketing