Systemised sales processes for improved closing rates

What is Sales Enablement?


The key to your business successfully selling is by building repeatable processes for your team to close deals. By generating a team-wide approach to sales, you create a wider culture of success and it’s easier to replicate successful tactics into an organised structure.


It’s by unifying your sales strategy across the team with the same processes, scripts, content, CRM and the ability to fully identify bottlenecks going forward that your business improves sales results. Removing time-wasting repetition and the inefficient process will have an impact on your sales team. By implementing automated processes, you strip out a huge amount of unnecessary waste. Our HubSpot tools work together to achieve this.

Highly Defined Sales Goals

Focus on sales


Sales enablement is a process of structuring your sales teams with the right information, content, technology, training and tools they need to close more deals quickly. Successfully selling through a developed sales structure, is the key to your teams closing more business opportunities.


It doesn’t matter how hard your sales team works, your business growth can stall if it is not primed to accelerate. The roadmap of your business and the defined sales goals you set are vital to the success of your organisation. They do however need to be part of an integrated strategy for success. Unlock the potential in your business with a custom-designed sales enablement process. This will create internal confidence and enable your sales team to achieve more, sell more and positively contribute to the ongoing success of your business.

Set Up For Success

Enable your sales team to prosper


By using carefully crafted research and detailed analytics, we remove the guesswork from the strategies we implement to move the business forward.


It is this data that will enable your sales team to adopt the changes that will have the most impact. They will utilise the resources which allow you to make strategic incremental improvements based upon evidence. 


By using our HubSpot technology with your new sales enablement process, you can deliver a strong and measurable impact on your business. As well as improving the quality of your content you can implement well-crafted processes to create the results that you need. The immediate ambition is to improve efficiency and become more consistent. This will, in turn, create better relationships with customers and give your sales results the opportunity to thrive.

Achieve better results

Smash your targets


The more data and information you have on a prospect the easier the close should become. By adopting a systemised sales enablement approach you will become more attuned to your customer’s needs.


Forewarned as they say is forearmed. By embracing a change to your current sales approach your business will see improvements in numbers but also employee productivity.


BIAS will support you throughout the process and beyond to resolve issues and take positive action. With the data we collect, we work with you or your team to help interpret the pipeline activity and advise where to make improvements or changes. We enable you to implement your own strategy in a way that works for your business and give you the tools on which to build. This allows you and the business to retain control and embed the ethos of your company’s approach.

Work closely with your marketing team

Align marketing and sales


Imagine how much better the customer engagement and retention might be though if Your marketing team and sales teams communication lines were more robust. Enable communication between marketing and sales with efficient processes. Ensure both teams take responsibility in the overall strategy to open sales opportunities. Aligning the teams will ensure leads are pinpointed, attracted and acted on quickly in the sales funnel. Through working together and using the Hubspot software, the customer will get a better experience, increasing the likelihood of repeated sales.


A key element of sales enablement is getting your tech working for you. We use Hubspot to fully enable you to know where the next hot prospect is coming from. It can analyse what your customers might want next and let you know where to focus your time and money for the highest probable return. HubSpot technology can get your business on a path where it is working for you. By using Hubspot to give you insights into customer buying and removing inefficiencies, you can close deals quicker. Shorter sales cycles mean improved profitability and a higher volume of sales.

Keep your funnels optimised

Capitalise on greater efficiency


BIAS will be your constant partner throughout the transformation. We will start by performing a key audit of your sales processes. Our senior team will analyse the results and suggest the appropriate recommendations, like implementing a lead scoring system.


This helps your sales teams maximise their time and resources where the business will most likely see a real benefit. It minimises or removes options which result in low sales or no sales. 


BIAS supports you to empower your team to sell in a more informed way. You maximise your sales opportunities and embed this into your business culture. A defined roadmap to success and this type of future-proofing builds a solid structure to work from for future teams and managers.