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BIAS is a London based triple-award winning inbound marketing agency that achieves success through an inbound marketing strategy. The basis of our strategy is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) focused on increasing visibility and Content Marketing which increases authority. Although both of these are key components of a business’s online success our capacity to help you grow also covers on-page, off-page and technical SEO services.

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Digital Marketing SEO Strategy


Brands and businesses are aware of the importance of SEO within the digital marketing strategy. From keywords to backlinks, semantic text to on-page content, online marketing requires a comprehensive strategy. Everything matters and has an effect on your position and ability to rank in search engine results. Organic search engine strategies are becoming more complex and must include social media marketing and local SEO.

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Optimise Your Website


Search engine optimization has a direct impact on the ROI of your company website. Therefore, the ability to apply technical SEO practices is critical to the success of your web design project. Google uses page load speed and the use of security certificates to help rank your website’s position in search results. To rank in search engine results and be found you need the right SEO company. For professional SEO services in London, choose a winner, choose BIAS.

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SEO Strategy

Professional SEO Strategy


All online businesses require a search engine optimisation strategy. You cannot simply build a website and leave it sitting there expecting traffic to appear. You can use PPC or Facebook ads to drive traffic, but it can be costly to acquire website visitors that way.


BIAS advise that you develop a keyword research plan using long tail keywords and creating content for long term results. By writing blog posts and producing content shared on your own and external websites, you increase search engine ranking. In addition to this, you must have a technical SEO plan and undertake regular SEO audits. This will ensure your web pages bring organic traffic when your content is shared on social media.


With a focused SEO strategy you can increase search traffic through organic search and link building improving search results. For a comprehensive search engine strategy to increase search volume for your business, book a consultation with BIAS today.

Off Page Optimisation

Building Backlinks


Link building is a key part of making your website and your digital marketing strategy a success. Search engines use the number of backlinks to your website from other websites as a gauge of your authority. The more site owners link back to your website or your blog posts, the more authority you are deemed to have. Therefore they play a key part in your SEO strategy.


When your site has incoming links to good content, your domain authority rises your position in search engine results will improve. To get links to your website you need to write a piece of content that people love. If they love your content and it has true value, bloggers will link to pages on your site increasing organic traffic. Some people consider buying links or ask to guest post which creates links as part of the content marketing strategy.


For an in-depth SEO backlink strategy and how to improve your website search results, speak to a consultant at BIAS.

Website Optimisation

Technical SEO


There is a technical requirement for SEO success. Your web pages must be mobile friendly and pass googles mobile page load speed test. The user experience for pages is as important as the quality of your content.


Your pages and your blog posts must have internal linking and you must have an XML sitemap that has been submitted to google search console. This enables the search bots to understand the structure of your website and what the content is about. This keeps the website SEO friendly and helps you avoid duplicate content issues.


If you perform regular technical SEO audits paying attention to your site speed, loading time, 404 errors and 301 redirects, you will improve search results. Search engines focus on websites that work well on mobile devices, so ensure your team can support the technical SEO plan.

On Page SEO

Semantic Text, What’s That?


For those that do not know what semantic text is, it’s the textual and structural way your content is written. This is an important ranking factor for your content marketing and blog posts. To effectively optimize your content and create new highly relevant content, semantic analysis is highly required.


When you create content, we are aiming to be found in google searches as part of our SEO strategies. Therefore the search terms and structured data play a part in on page optimization. We call this semantic SEO and by getting this right you improve your chances of ranking for voice search too.


The best content will use natural language, keeping it simple, concise and easy to follow. This increases opportunities for your website to be featured as a rich snippet in search queries results.


As you can see, it is extremely important to work with a provider of professional SEO services in London, so talk to BIAS today.


On Page SEO

Keywords and Content


A clear keyword strategy is required for your blog posts to rank on search engines, so keyword research is required. Understanding what a long tail keyword is or how to find keyword difficulty isn’t a simple process. Keyword ideas are generated by studying search traffic and creating a list of keywords for creating content.


You should study search volume and google trends for the search terms, making it easier to rank and find potential customers. You can use a keyword research tool like Googles Keyword Tool or SEM Rush to find long tail keywords.


Website visitors use specific search terms to find answers to their questions. Therefore a well-defined keyword strategy will maximise search results. Use combinations of keywords in your text and titles in your on-page content for maximum search engine optimization.


Head term keywords are shorter and more competitive than long tail keywords and are often used in PPC campaigns. Therefore you dovetail head term keywords with questions or statements to make long term keywords for SEO.