What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing or growth marketing as it is also referred to is the strategy of combining all channels of digital marketing together. Take content, usually blogging but in its many forms, email, social media, search engine optimisation, buyer personas, landing pages, paid search (Google AdWords and Facebook ads), ebooks and use them to bring visitors or prospects to your website or landing pages.

Inbound marketing is implemented using a marketing automation platform. We are specialists in using Hubspot and Drift Marketing, as well as experienced in Salesforce.

Who is Inbound Marketing for?

This strategy is for serious business development goals. Product or service companies that want to use data-driven choices to accelerate qualified leads in their sales channels. Businesses that want to generate a steady stream of leads and enquiries and position themselves as the go-to choice in their industry or niche.

How Long Does It Take To Implement Inbound?

Implementation times differ depending on where you are with your current marketing activities. We would need to analyse your current position, establish who your personas are and then devise an appropriate strategy.

Included in this are content and website audits which are imperative as this is where we want to drive the traffic and increase the opportunity to convert customers into revenue.

Timelines can roughly run from a standing start at 6-8 weeks, around 4-6 weeks if you already have marketing activities in place.

What Types Of Businesses Have You Worked With Before?

Digital BIAS is an award-winning Inbound Marketing Marketing Agency, working with a range of businesses, but primarily Technology and Service companies.

Our client base is varied having worked extensively with Financial Services, Technology companies, Fintech, Property (Real Estate, Estate Agents), and professional services. However, we have deep experience of e-commerce and educational institutions too.


What Are The Benefits Of Having Conversational Marketing?

The benefits are that you can use the chatbot not only to qualify website and landing page prospects, but you can also use them to semi-automate administrative workflows in certain industries.

For smaller companies looking to grow or scale, you can implement the chatbot in place of initial full-time sales hire, enabling the business to increase revenues before paying salaries. This approach based on using digital marketing campaigns to drive additional traffic into the websites and landing pages and using the chatbot to further qualify your prospects into leads.

Please note you still need to sell your products or services, but if you are reading this, we assume you have a handle on that.

For larger teams, the chatbot comes into its own. With routing rules and syncing to multiple salespersons email and calendars, you can accelerate the opportunity to close more business both during and after standard office hours.

Sync with your CRM and add an Account-Based Marketing approach, then you can seriously open your conversations up to desired companies and their key personnel.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Chatbot Integrated Into My Company?

We can have your first chatbot up and running in a few days. But as we work with you to get your strategy further customised, the individual conversations will take a little longer to implement.

Can A Chatbot Work In My Business?

It has been proven that chatbots can be included in most industries to help with enquiries, marketing, sales and customer services. The price point of the solution you choose and its technical capacity is what you should focus on first.

How Does It Work?

By creating Buyer Personas, we can help your business understand the customer you should be targeting. This is not a profile, it requires a semblance of understanding of the psychology of your customers’ emotional buying triggers.

Once we understand this, we can help you implement strategically designed conversations onto your website and landing pages. Allowing your chatbot is to identify your prospects needs, qualify how you can help them and then get them talking to a salesperson.

By syncing with your CRM it will recognise your repeat customers by name* and your sales team can stay constantly connected via the mobile app and web browser. However, these are not essential for use as the bots are synced to email inboxes and calendars for full automation.

Do You Have Case Studies Or Examples?

Sure we have a number of examples of chatbots being used in Real Estate, Finance and Technology. We try to keep up to date on our case studies page, but please do reach out for a personal breakdown of how you can integrate conversational marketing and sales into your organisation.


How Long Have You Been Creating Websites?

We have been creating websites for clients since 2007. We have a very in-depth process to design websites and work to integrate the marketing and sales functions needed. This ensures that websites are well designed as well as functional as they are focused on user experience.

Our experience also allows for highly technical customised solutions, beyond simple web design.

What Platforms Have You Created Websites On?

As of January 2021, BIAS focus on web design on the HubSpot CMS over WordPress. This is due to the low code value proposition and its lack of reliance on plugins.

With its premium secure hosting and inbuilt CRM, email marketing and chatbot support, it's a key ingredient for the success of any business.

We still provide WordPress services where required and have a great WordPress focused hosting environment.

How Do They Work?

Our projects are built to self manage. That means we provide the website, a self-managed content management system, and drag and drop editors. 

We do provide ongoing support and optimisation through our growth-driven packages and other customised SEO solutions.


Who Will See My Website?

Nobody will see your website if you don’t create traffic for it. That means writing blog content, using social media, PPC – Google AdWords or Facebook ads. 

Bias offers a range of support services like inbound marketing, Facebook ads, Google AdWords and social media to drive traffic to your website, just ask a consultant.

Have You Got Examples Of Your Work?

Of course, we have! We try to keep our latest works available to see on the case studies page, but feel free to talk to one of our consultants and we can take you through a few projects.