should car brands adopt inbound marketing

Should Car Brands Adopt Inbound Marketing?

Many ABC1 car brands like Aston Martin, Mercedes, BMW, Maserati, Ferrari etc are all consistently looking for the next sale. Often people that cross into the local franchise will simply be there to admire the aesthetics and beauty of a well-crafted motor vehicle and not be there to open a cheque book or initiate a bank transfer.

So should car brands adopt inbound? To reduce window shopping and increase convertible leads, big brands must do their best to encourage franchises to consider a strong inbound marketing strategy. This would be a huge step forward, but if a process of marketing automation can reduce time wasting and increase leads then surely any business let alone a car franchise should wade in and adopt the practice.


Struggling to find marketing time


Speaking to a few of the bigger franchises here in the UK (Whetstone Audi) there is an emphasis on social media and digital marketing although they also have an agency that puts that practice in place for them. They do try to get their salespeople to adopt social media on their behalf, but most salespeople are simply money oriented, it’s all about the buck so closing sales are paramount. However what they should do is incentivise the staff to become advocates of the business, choosing a partner like smarpsocial to help implement an advocacy programme, which again would be a major step forward.


More use of available marketing materials


A lot of car franchise websites are often poorly designed, the architects often think of showcasing the cars themselves over considering the buyer journey around the platform. For sure, all sales are done on site so you can forgive the franchise for allowing this to go forward, but surely agencies should be more considerate of the user over the brand.


Quizzically I’ve taken a look at a few websites and social media streams and I couldn’t help but wonder, not why they are particularly bad, but why they simply hadn’t done more. With the wealth of company media available for free in the formats of images, press releases and videos, it was a surprise that there wasn’t a lot more being done with the resources. Surely there are more creative ways to produce a website that inspires an individual rather than relying on brand value alone.


How can you apply Inbound to the motor trade


For the bigger ticket cars like your Jaguar Bentley and Aston Martin, whilst they are most certainly aspirational the only difference between them is kerb appeal, what your buyer wants to know is why he should have THAT particular brand of car.


He or she is not simply looking for a status symbol, they are also looking for quality, a product that retains its resale value and also some educational content, maybe in comparison on the benefits or lack of in the peer vehicle.


So if the Google search was “What car is better? Jaguar Bentley or Aston Martin” what would come up?



There is absolutely nothing that can help with the education process. Which is exactly why the car brands should adopt inbound. I know you franchisees reading this like boat salesman will say, the deals always done on the shop floor, not on the internet. But I challenge you on that, nearly every person starting a considered buying process first looks for answers via Google before getting anywhere near your car front.


Opinions from friends and family, their local mechanic or repair specialist can all play a part in the buying process prior to you seeing them on site but if you had the edge by answering the questions pre-site visit that builds trust, surely that’s an edge worth having because as any salesperson will tell you, all advantages count, just where does your franchise fit into that?


FACT: Did you know in 2014 in Britain alone there were 2,095,100,000,000 google searches, that’s 5,740,000,000 per day!!


Inbound educates all!

If you want a consistent educated growing sales funnel, then Inbound Marketing is for you.

Bias Digital is happy to have a no-obligation consultation with Car Brands or Car Franchises that may be considering Inbound Marketing for their business and have some great ideas for strategy including gamification for an inbound application. For a consultation simply book here or call Bias Digital on 0203 637 4426


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